Ashton Kutcher’s morning coffee order is weird, but is it healthy?

Science and Health

Celebrities in the modern age have a superpower in that the minute they mention something it turns into a global trend that everyone starts following.

This has happened with actor and activist Ashton Kutcher several times already, like when he said that he and his wife Mila Kunis don’t bathe their two kids daily, and only give them a shower when they see that the kids are dirty.

Now, another idea of Kutcher’s is trending. In an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, he said that he usually drinks his morning coffee with a bit of orange juice in it. 

He said that he likes the taste, yet some may say that it’s healthy, too, since a small glass of juice can give a boost of vitamin C.

After this interview, the popularity of Kutcher’s strange drink increased dramatically. It became popular on TikTok and Instagram and also grabbed headlines on international sites. Yet, is adding juice even tasty and/or healthy? No and no.

Is it healthy to be putting orange juice in your coffee? (credit: PIXABAY)

“Creepy”, “red line”: Professionals disagree

Genevieve Kappler calls herself a coffee technologist and manages a coffee roasting factory. In an interview she gave Well & Good, she expressed shock at the new trend. 

According to her, the thought of adding orange juice to coffee makes her shudder and added that in theory, she’s fine with trying new ways to drink coffee, but this pairing is a red line for her.

Also, her professional view is that “orange juice completely changes the taste of coffee.” Coffee and orange juice have very different levels of acidity, which means that combined, the chemical composition of each of them changes for the worse.

Another expert who expressed distaste for the trend is nutritionist Christina Manian RDN, a certified nutritionist and expert in food systems. She says that combining coffee and juice can upset the digestive system. 

Both are very acidic drinks. The combination increases the production of acid in the stomach, which can lead to heartburn and abdominal pain.

Harming the absorption of nutrients

Also, Manian emphasizes that this blend can also damage the body’s ability to absorb the various nutrients in oranges and other citrus fruits. She says that coffee contains components called tannins, which are powerful antioxidants that contribute to health but can also prevent the body from absorbing vitamin C, the healthiest component in orange juice. 

To ensure maximum vitamin absorption C she recommends waiting an hour between drinking juice and coffee.

This strange mix isn’t the only one grabbing headlines recently. Another Tiktok trend told athletes to add protein powder to coffee to make it healthier. 

In that case, researchers determined that there wasn’t enough evidence to show that it was ineffective, but also there’s no proof that it helps. In sum, it’s best to keep drinking coffee with milk and enjoy its bitter, addictive taste.