Bernie Sanders Slams Amazon’s Jeff Bezos


Bernie Sanders Slams Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Sanders wants to know why if Bezos has $182 billion he doesn’t pay his workers more.

Senator Bernie Sanders is hopping mad with Amazon head Jeff Bezos. The socialist senator who serves with the Democrats lamented that Mr. Bezos is worth $182 billion while so many of his company’s employees get paid just minimum wage or need to work as independent contractors with no benefits.

At a Senate hearing on Wednesday Bernie Sanders really let Jeff Bezos have it. Or he would have had Bezos been there. The Senator bemoaned that Mr. Bezos was not in attendance in person. So he prefaced his remarks by saying that these were the questions he would have asked Jeff Bezos had he been there.

“Bezos and Musk now own more wealth than the bottom 40%. Meanwhile, we’re looking at more hunger in America than at any time in decades.” This does not sit well with Bernie Sanders who argues that the wealthiest Americans are hoarding too much of their country’s wealth.

Senator Sanders is a big supporter of organized labor and does not like it when a company like Amazon blocks unionization. “My question for Jeff Bezos is simple: you are worth $182 billion, so why are you trying to make it harder for your workers to organize for higher wages and better benefits? What is your problem?” Mr. Bezos has yet to answer this question. But Senator Sanders may not have expected an actual answer.

“One hundred eighty-two billion dollars, you’re the wealthiest person in the world,” he asked. “Why are you doing everything in your power to stop your workers in Bessemer, Alabama, from joining a union?”

“Jeff Bezos has become $77 billion richer during this horrific pandemic, while denying hundreds of thousands of workers who work at Amazon paid sick leave,” added the Senator.

Senator Sanders also tweeted, “The time is now for the wealthiest people and the most profitable corporations in America to pay their fair share of taxes.

Meanwhile, liberal political journal “The Nation” has declared that Bernie Sanders is at the Apex of his power. But this can also be said of every one of the 50 current democrat U.S. Senators as their party controls the Senate by just one vote. Remember, Senator Sanders has lost twice in bids for his party’s presidential nomination and is clearly on the Democrats’ most extreme left.

“The Nation,” however, credits Senator Sanders with the passage of the $1.9 trillion stimulus package as much as it does President Biden.”The stimulus bill shows in undeniable ways that Sanders is both a skilled parliamentarian and one of the most consequential ideological politicians in modern America,” it writes. “As the stimulus bill moved its way through Congress, Sanders played a brilliant game of holding the progressive wing of the party together while pushing the Biden administration to be as expansive as possible.”

This is certainly debatable. Any still blame him for hurting Hilary Clinton’s campaign in 2016 and most democrats do not support his more extreme policies.

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