Best Microsoft Office tools to Survive through Quarantine in 2021


Best Microsoft Office tools to Survive through Quarantine in 2021

By Contributing Author

The Covid Havoc has ripped apart the lives of people globally. It becomes crucially important that we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. In response to the pandemic, certain quarantine rules are made mandatory during the travel or onset of flu-like symptoms by the health authorities.

Work from home has been adopted by most of the companies as an ideal way to restrict movement and survive through Covid-19. Online education comes into play when such a devastating situation arises. And to keep oneself conversant with the current scenarios, there are some best Microsoft Office tools to survive through hard Quarantine times.

Once you are acquainted with the below-stated ultimate Microsoft Office Training tools, everything will eventually turn out to be simple and productive.

Microsoft Outlook

One of the best Microsoft applications that helps you with managing and sending emails. Apart from efficiently collaborating or exchanging emails, Outlook lets you customize the user profile. Also, assist to merge and manage data and create calendars in order to schedule important tasks. You can use Microsoft outlook for advanced tasks and contact managing, note-taking, journal logging, and web browsing as well. Isn’t it interesting to find out that outlook works more than a primary email client?

Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office suite makes sure to provide genuinely streamlined tools and Microsoft Office Word is truly the one such product. MS Word is undoubtedly the most commonly used text application worldwide designed to create, edit, format, and illustrate text for assorted purposes. If you wish to write a personal letter, create content or connect with your colleagues, Word is an ideal choice. A basic user-friendly tool with multiple applications to allow you to play with the text in any way you want. Tables and pictures can be easily inserted or edited and thereafter the documents can be shared with others. Comments, page numbers, header, and footer can be added to enhance and define the document appropriately.

Microsoft Office Excel

Excel is an excellent and time-saving tool for working on spreadsheets. Almost every commercial establishment uses Excel. Known for its salient features like calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). No matter how complex the data is, a simple Excel formula can do the calculations for you instantly. It provides infinite spreadsheets to make room for enormously extensive sets of data. So, with this tool, you can generate as little or as large Excel files as needed.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Presenting your ideas to your audience in a more impressive way is pivotal to deliver a better understanding of your research. MS Office Powerpoint provides you the easiest way to create outstanding presentations. With this powerful tool, you can enhance a structured creation by adding pictures, texts, themes, and amazing videos. If you organize your concept in a more engaging manner and highlight the goals through an interactive presentation, you are most likely to convince the audience. Learn to create master slides as templates, insert and edit text boxes and much more advanced features.

Microsoft Teams

One of the most coveted Microsoft tools for a collaborative workspace. Microsoft teams are the frequently used communication platform for chatting, threaded conversations, and video conferencing. As the name suggests, it acts as a central hub for active teamwork. To improve productivity in a unified suite of tools,  Teams allow file storage, document sharing, and scheduled meetings marked on the calendar.

Microsoft Publisher

If you are planning to design professionally polished layouts, then nothing can beat this publishing application from Microsoft. Microsoft Publisher offers hassle-free and professional quality e-mail publications. It lets you generate unique designs or page layouts as per audience inclination instead of text composition and proofing. You can use the pre-designed templates to propose simply designed greeting cards and indeed the professional newsletters as well. 

Microsoft SharePoint

With around 190 million users across 200,000 customer organizations, Microsoft SharePoint is primarily concerned with creating websites. A  highly flexible and secure tool for proper storage, organization, retrieval, accessing, and sharing information from any device. The pivotal functions of SharePoint include project scheduling (coordinated with Outlook and Project), document storage, social collaboration, and shared mailboxes

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote allows free form information gathering of user notes, drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries. Organize your random thoughts in notebooks where you can separate them into sections and pages as needed. With this digital notepad, you can just recollect your thoughts or discoveries and pen them down. The purpose to design Onenote is to help with research, note-taking, and information storage.

Microsoft Visio

An innovative approach by Microsoft to visualize data-connected business flows with the host. Microsoft Teams Power BI Power Automate. Create, view, edit, and collaborate on Visio diagrams from inside Microsoft Teams. It’s a diagramming tool that includes flowcharts, building plans, data flow diagrams, process flow diagrams, business process modeling, swimlane diagrams, and 3D maps. Henceforth, delivers simple as well as complex diagrams as per the business needs.

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync is an instant messaging tool that ensures productivity, connection, and security. Easy to use program that allows audio and video calls used with Skype. A great unified communication solution specialized for the corporate world.

In an intent to explore and understand social distancing activities to avoid the pandemic virus, brilliant Microsoft tools can act as an asset. An integrated set of tools by Microsoft makes sure that people in business, freelancing, or employees working from home avail the MS tool features so that the work-life turns out to be as simple as a five-finger exercise.