Buy Home with Open Wall-Less Bathroom for Just $900K


Buy Home with Open Wall-Less Bathroom for Just $900K

Its for people who really love an audience.

Open Bathroom (from Zillow)

Wouldn’t you love to pooh out in the open? Have you ever daydreamed about being watched while on the toilet? Are you such an exhibitionist? Well then we have good news for you! You can now buy a home in Boston which features a ground floor bathroom with no walls for just $900,000.

You heard that right. Your guests will be amazed. While it can’t actually be seen from the front door, once inside a simple turn to the left will let anyone see whoever is pooping or taking a shower. Won’t that be grand? There is, however, a frosted glass wall separating the sink from the toilet.

The home is listed on Zillow and the Instagram account “Zillow Gone Wild” posted the listing with the caption, “This takes open concept to a whole new level.”

The comments left by people said it all:

“Do we have to be open about EVERYTHING these days??”
“This is literally what I have recurring nightmares about.”
“Fully visible potato storage.”
“Why even bother with the frosted glass wall at that point? Honey, can you move to the other side of the room so you can only hear me poop?”

Located at 302 South St., the house has four bathrooms and three bedrooms over 2,001 square feet of space. But maybe this bathroom should only count as a half bathroom.

Open Bathroom House (Zillow)

From the listing:

“Located along the orange line corridor, this newly renovated condo features a new kitchen with Quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances, a master suite private rear deck and new electrical and hardwood floors throughout. Located close to your favorite JP hot spots, this bi-level condo provides convenient access to the JP Brewery, Southwest corridor, parks, tennis courts, Turtle Swamp Brewing, less than a 2 minute walk to Forest Hills and a short train ride to Assembly Row.”

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