Can eSports Become a Major Player in the Sports Betting Industry?


By Contributing Author

Sports and betting have gone hand in hand for a long time. Many sports thrive and grow as a result of people betting on them and then watching to see how their selections perform.

Throughout much of 2020, there has been a real lack of sport taking place due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

One of the few industries available to help bookmakers and give them a service during this time was the eSports industry.

While there was no access to the eSports arenas we have around the world, players could still take each other on from home and give us something to watch, cheer and bet on.

This has opened up eSports to many people who would normally not watch these events. Can eSports build on that, and does the industry have the ability to move into sports betting and become a major player?

Bookmakers are Starting to Invest in eSports

We have seen bookmakers increase their eSports offering over the past few years. There was a time when only the big events were covered and even with these events, markets were very limited.

Now we have a very different offering for those who want to bet. Bookmakers such as those listed on The Bookies Offers are providing a far better eSports service to players.

They have increased the number of events they cover, as well as the betting markets that can be used. On top of this we have seen two further advancements.

These are live betting and live streaming. Anyone interested in this can see live odds change as the game takes place, and watch a stream that shows all the action unfold.

By the fact that bookmakers are already showing this kind of interest in eSports shows they like what it offers. In the future, after eSports helping bookmakers, we could see a lot more of it.

Can eSports Build Up Their Fanbase?

To truly be a success, it will take more than just bookmakers. The entire eSports industry needs to work together to increase the number of fans who connect.

Whether this is fans checking results, watching live games, betting or something else, fans are needed to make this a success.

With fans, eSports has a better chance of making it onto bigger TV channels, having bigger and better streaming services and gaining bigger sponsorship deals.

Fans are the driving force behind all of these and holding onto some of those that have been gained over the past few weeks and months is now the biggest challenge.

Can this be done? Expectations are only a few will remain, but every single fan is vital in the growth of eSports, so a big effort is needed.

What Does the Future Hold?

The eSports industry has an opportunity in 2020 that they never thought they would have. It is a chance to bring a number of new fans on board.

The question is how they capitalise on the chance. As people drift away back to the sports they have been involved with for a long time, how does eSports manage to keep them at least interested in events happening in the industry?

How does eSports approach their future relationship with bookmakers? They’ve played a big part in keeping the betting industry going during the Coronavirus, is now the time to seek bookmaker sponsorship and streaming as a thank you for that?

There is a chance on offer for eSports, but one they have to take well if they want to future to be a success.