Do you shop at Rami Levy? You could be featured in their new campaign


Businessman and supermarket chain owner Rami Levi never ceases to surprise.

Levi, who claims to sell chickens for one shekel per kilo, launched a comprehensive nationwide campaign using 1,500 billboards for his new ad shortly before Independence Day, Maariv learned.

The million shekel campaign featured pedestrians. Levi has been significantly increasing the scope of the chain’s activity in recent months, entering new markets such as the coffee capsule arena.

Campaign with all of Israel

The campaign was designed with all sectors of the population in mind, on the grounds that the chain’s target audience is families. The billboards featured 20 photos, all taken by street photographer Alex Farfuri over the course of a month.

Farfuri took the photos in a variety of settings, including on the beach, in an ultra-orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood, at sports fields, Jerusalem’s pedestrian shopping areas, and other sites.

Israelis prepare a barbecue during Israel’s 75th Independence Day celebrations, in Saker Park, Jerusalem, April 26, 2023. (credit: YONATAN SINDEL/FLASH90)

Pedestrians were photographed holding the chain’s pink shopping bag at the chosen sites across the country, after agreeing to appear in the campaign. With the slogan “the state’s basket” the campaign aims to prove that the chain’s products are the cheapest.

Rami Levy told Maariv that the campaign was focused on Independence Day, and will allow for the country’s residents to start indicating unity within the people of Israel as they celebrate the country’s independence.