Dr. Maya Roseman’s diet tips: Eating a burger without a bun

Science and Health

One of Dr. Maya Roseman’s listeners reached out to her to ask if eating a burger without the bun would be considered breaking one’s diet. “I basically wanted to know what the level of ‘sin’ is,” the listener said.

Dr. Roseman replied: “It’s not a sin. You need to count, let’s say, 220 calories per 100 grams. If the burger is 160 grams, then 350 calories with the vegetables sounds perfectly fine for a diet.”

Hamburger (credit: INGIMAGE)

What about fat and protein levels?

“Fat as an energy source keeps you satisfied over time, compared to if you eat chicken breast with three spoonfuls of rice that are worth the same number of calories. The combination of protein with fat is fine. There’s no problem with saturated fat either. The problem lies with the white flour in the bun that you don’t eat, and with all the condiments, like a spoonful of mayonnaise,” said Dr. Roseman.