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People will not need both Messenger and Instagram apps to communicate.

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Facebook owns both WhatsApp and Instagram. And Facebook has its own Messenger app which needs to be installed separately from the main Facebook App. Messenger included tech from WhatsApp. Now the company is moving toward merging services between them, specifically adding new messaging options to Instagram.

So what’s the difference between the three? Good question, we’re glad that you asked. Instagram is primarily an image sharing service. People, even non celebrities, can make money from it through sponsored posts as long as they have enough followers. It is also used for political messages. WhatsApp is just for messaging and making both audio and video calls, which can also be done using Messenger. The difference: with WhatsApp you need someone’s phone number to contact them and with Messenger the other person must be your Facebook friend.

But wait, if you can already message people on Instagram and even call them, what’s the big deal.

Facebook says that people use its apps to send 100 billion messages to their friends and family each day. This number must be up since the start of the Corona Virus shutdowns. So the company states that this is the reason that it is blending Messenger and Instagram “to bring some of the best Messenger features to Instagram – so you have access to the best messaging experience, no matter which app you use.”

So people will not need both Messenger and Instagram apps to communicate with people who have accounts on only one of them. Since not all Instagram users have Facebook and vice versa, allowing for communication between the two platforms will make it easier for people to communicate. And just by sheer coincidence it will also make the two Facebook services more popular to use for communicating with people and give the company more targets for its targeted advertisements.

People on Instagram can decide whether or not to update their app for this.

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Facebook listed all the features from Messenger that it plans to soon add on Instagram:

Communicate Across Apps: Seamlessly connect with friends and family across Instagram and Messenger by using either app to send messages and join video calls.
Watch Together: Enjoy watching videos on Facebook Watch, IGTV, Reels (coming soon!), TV shows, movies, and more with friends and family during a video call.
Vanish Mode: Choose a mode where seen messages disappear after they’re seen or when you close the chat.
Selfie Stickers: Create a series of boomerang stickers with your selfie to use in conversation.
Chat Colors: Personalize your chats with fun color gradients.
Custom Emoji Reactions: Create a shortcut of your favorite emojis to react quickly to messages from friends.
Forwarding: Easily share great content with up to five friends or groups.
Replies: Respond directly to a specific message in your chat and keep the conversation flowing.
Animated Message Effects: Add visual flair to your message with animated send effects.
Message Controls: Decide who can message you directly, and who can’t message you at all.
Enhanced Reporting and Blocking Updates: Now you can report full conversations in addition to single messages on Instagram, and receive proactive blocking suggestions across Instagram and Messenger when you add your accounts in the new Accounts Center.

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