Government promotes quick use of buildings as shelters in northern citie


In response to the escalating security situation on the northern border, the Ministry of Construction and Housing is taking immediate action to repurpose buildings as shelters in northern cities. Collaborating with local authorities, experts have evaluated the condition of current shelters and identified a significant need for improvement. Responsibility for maintaining these shelters lies with individual building committees, but unfortunately, many have been poorly maintained. 

In the past few days, the ministry’s director-general, Yehuda Morgenstern, has sought approval from the Ministry of Finance to redirect funds for this purpose. Today, Approval was granted at the end of October and the operation is now underway. The Ministry of Construction and Housing will conduct a thorough inspection of bomb shelters in buildings housing for their residents.

Additionally, budgetary support will be provided to local authorities to facilitate the necessary renovations and upgrades of bomb shelters across the Haifa-Tiberias line and in the North. Coordination for bomb shelter usage will be managed by local authorities under the supervision of professionals to ensure effective emergency preparedness. 


The refurbishment of bomb shelters will involve several steps, including removing items, installing and inspecting sanitary facilities, assessing the integrity of doors, electricity, water, and sewerage systems, improving ventilation, and implementing necessary safety arrangements.

Minister of Construction and Housing, Yitzhak Goldknopf, expressed his commitment to assisting during this challenging time, saying that his ministry “is dedicated to providing support to protect the lives of our citizens. This significant endeavor, carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the heads of authorities in northern cities, exemplifies our commitment to the welfare of the public. We will continue to seek solutions and explore initiatives that benefit our society.” 

Morgenstern emphasized the urgency of the budget diversion, amounting to tens of millions of shekels: “This allocation underscores the state of emergency in our country. The collaboration among various stakeholders and the implementation of measures safeguarding the public guide our ministry’s work. We will expedite this initiative without unnecessary delays.”

To aid Gaza Envelope residents, Rami issued a set of measures. 

The Israel Lands Authority (Rami) received these decisions yesterday, aiming to address urgent needs, bolster the economy, and support local communities. 

The measures include payment extensions, assessment deadline extensions, assessment validity extensions, and enforcement procedure freezes. 

Additionally, settlements near Gaza will see actions like guarantee restitution, immediate construction permit approval, and waived user fees for unregulated use.

“We’re committed to aiding the home front and the resilience of Israel,” Goldknopf said, “standing with local residents and security forces during these times.”