How To Be A Successful Company By Using VoIP Services


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IP telephony is a range of technologies that allow users to host voice calls, and some providers also enable you to send or display multimedia over the internet

What are VoIP services?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services offer a range of different essential features that can enable a business to become even more successful.

Moreover, businesses who choose not to use VoIP services will likely produce poor customer service in terms of the waiting times and response times their customers will experience. Keeping potential clients waiting unnecessarily can be the difference between making a sale, or losing a client to a competitor.

VoIP service providers such as freezvon enable businesses to provide their clients with a virtual phone number, as well as IP telephony (another term for VoIP).

How to be successful by using VoIP services

Creating and implementing a welcome message

The addition of a personalized welcome message is a simple, but effective way to begin a call, and it will establish your business as professional from the very first moment that a potential client contacts you.

You can include key information such as additional contact details, business opening hours, current offers and discounts, and much more.

Furthermore, if you choose to record the voices yourself (instead of using a computerized voice), you can increase the professionalism of your brand in terms of how it sounds to your clients. The more professional it sounds, the more likely the clients are to stick around.

Introducing an IVR menu

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu is a great way to save time, to guide your clients to the right members of your customer service team, to provide information, and to achieve higher efficiency in your B2C (business to consumer) calls.

An IVR menu includes a series of previously recorded, automated voice responses that play in response to the client’s dialing on the keypad. IVR menus are essential for growing businesses, or businesses with a huge client base. This is due to the fact that you cannot control the amount of calls that you receive on a daily basis.

Therefore, the IVR menu can be programmed to include a great deal of information, meaning that clients can potentially get the answers they need to their questions, without ever having to speak with one of your customer service representatives.

Put simply, the inclusion of VoIP services puts your business at a significant advantage over other businesses, because it means that you are putting your customer service at the forefront of your priorities, and in the client’s eyes, that sets you apart from the competition.

Recording your calls

Recording your client calls is an excellent way to make your business more successful and efficient, because it provides a way to analyze your customer service employees (to ensure that they are performing at a high standard), whilst also providing a reference point in case of future disputes.

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