How to Make Conference Calls From Your iPhone  


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Whether you are trying to enter the global market or you just want to be able to better manage remote employees, conference calling for iphone, ipad, and other mobile devices is becoming more and more necessary.

Your business capabilities are sure to expand if you incorporate conference calling skills into your repertoire, so here is a quick guide to get you started.

There’s an App for That

Conference calling on your iphone is simple as long as you have the right app. The way your app runs supports the way you come across to your clients, colleagues, and remote employees.

Your software sets the tone for your online meetings, and it is the foundation of any remote business interactions you have, so you need a service that does what you want it to do when you need it to happen.

Here are the key components to look for in your app, to make every one of your conference calls operate smoothly and without complication:

Integrated Service

No one likes to have to keep switching back and forth between apps in order to complete a job. With modern conferencing apps, you don’t have to. Apps like Vast Conference’s iphone app integrate with your calendar app, so you can schedule a meeting, choose contacts to invite, and send a precomposed message with a professional tone and all the necessary information. Invitations will integrate with their calendar if they RSVP, and send them reminders so they never miss a meeting.

Easy Joining Options

Have you ever spent the first fifteen minutes of a meeting waiting for everyone to figure out how to join? They waited until the last minute to even try, without realizing it may take an education in rocket science in order to sign in to the meeting. Don’t let this happen to the people you invited to your meeting.

You are wasting the time of the people who managed to get right in and causing frustration and embarrassment for those who are struggling.

Use an online meeting app that makes everyone feel like a winner by making it super simple to join your calls. Participants should be able to join your meeting via web or mobile with the click of a button, and nothing else.

If they need to dial in, they should be able to call a designated toll-free number, or one originating in their country, to gain immediate access. No complicated passcodes.

Screen and File-Sharing

Being out of the office for your conference call should not mean you have to parse back your presentation because your app doesn’t offer the same functionality as your desktop. Some conferencing apps do not have any sort of sharing options or video capabilities.

Make sure yours does before you set up a meeting and have to stop short because the app doesn’t do what you need.

Not all apps offer full functionality for mobile, but some do. Get an app that allows you to share screens and files so you can wow your prospects or clients, and demonstrate that new software to your employees, from wherever you are.

Meeting Flow Controls

Always have complete control over the flow of your meeting so you never have to sit back and just let things crash and burn. Make sure your mobile conference calling app allows you to mute people from your end to cut out distractions, switch presenters so you can share the floor with other experts, and see who is in the meeting as they come and go.

Automatic Calls Any Time

If you are so busy (or so freewheeling) that you rely on your mobile phone for conference calls, then you likely also need to make conference calls on a whim. That wasn’t always possible.

Until recently, technology that allowed for any time day or night conference calls was not common, and you had to schedule your calls ahead of time. Some services still require that, but it is becoming more and more common to simply set up a call, hit the button, and start the meeting. Find a service that offers this convenience if you are often out of the office.

Excellent Customer Service

Don’t get a service that offers automatic calls any time day or night, but customer service only during normal business hours. Not only do you want to know someone will be available to help you with any problems you may have in your call, but you also want to know they can help you if you have trouble while working late into the night preparing for an early morning call.

Make Your Call

Now that you have the right app, service, and software, you are all set. Your call should be a cinch. Take the following steps for your most successful conference call yet:

  1. Send out invitations via your calendar.
  2. Create a meeting agenda and send it to invitees.
  3. Prepare your presentation.
  4. Make sure you are confident with your app’s user controls.
  5. Smile and breathe.
  6. Get into the meeting space and wait for people to arrive.
  7. Start your meeting on time.
  8. Run your meeting with confidence.
  9. End your meeting on time.
  10. Follow up.

That’s it. Ten easy steps and you have completed a productive, professional mobile conference call sure to impress, but there is one more step to take:

11. Pat yourself on the back.

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