Israel-Hamas war: IDF soldiers suffer eye wounds in Gaza, lose vision

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Hundreds of IDF soldiers fighting Hamas terrorists in Gaza suffered severe ophthalmologic injuries, with some even losing their vision in one or both eyes, KAN News reported late on Wednesday.

According to KAN, most of the eye injuries sustained were caused by IDF fighters not wearing protective gear, namely eye protection equipment, as required during battle.

The eye injuries were sustained mostly through close contact with bullet shrapnel, and recoil, although some fighters suffered direct hits from Hamas terrorists, the report added.

‘Close to 15% of eye injuries among soldiers resulted in vision loss’

Alarmingly, some 10-15% of the injuries sustained resulted in the loss of eyesight in one or both eyes.

KAN further reported that some 40 soldiers with eye injuries were hospitalized at Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba since October 7. Further, five soldiers arrived at the hospital with severe injuries earlier this week. Two of the five reportedly underwent surgery in the past 24 hours.

Eyesight (illustrative) (credit: REUTERS)

Last month, the Jerusalem Post reported that ophthalmologists from Soroka produced a short video to raise the military’s awareness of the need to wear protective goggles at all times.

IDF: There is no lack of protective equipment for soldiers

The IDF responded to KAN’s report, reaffirming that there is no lack of eye protection equipment within the Israeli military’s ranks.


“The IDF is working to eliminate incidents in which soldiers who are required to wear protective goggles do not do so by regularly explaining [the importance],” KAN quoted the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit as saying.