Israel Innovation Institute launches new hub to foster innovation


The Israel Innovation Institute has introduced a new initiative, dubbed CatalystIL — a knowledge and training hub aimed at honing the skills of organizations within the innovation ecosystem. Built upon the Israel Innovation Institute’s established methodology, CatalystIL’s mission statement is to facilitate the identification of challenges, systematically evaluate solutions for global problems, and precisely execute innovation processes. 

Heading this unit is Sharon Goldberg, whose background draws from an extensive tenure within the Institute, as well as prior roles at the Finance Ministry and the noteworthy VC firm JVP. Most recently, Goldberg oversaw the management of the Israeli ecosystem within the DeserTech community.

“Tremendous efforts, and many billions are invested in research and development to deal with the growing global challenges. These have resulted in an explosion of knowledge, but the translation of this knowledge into workable solutions is quite slow, and these have a high failure rate,” said Goldberg. “I am excited to lead CatalystIL, which will leverage the capabilities of the Israel Innovation Institute to develop and implement innovation, and promote international innovation ecosystems to solve global challenges, and turn the Start-Up Nation into an Impact Nation.”

In prior incarnations, CatalystIL has already served as a central hub for innovation management. The Institute is now refining CatalystIL’s mission to provide specialized knowledge and expertise to organizations seeking to foster innovation. This strategic adjustment aims to equip these entities with the necessary tools to navigate innovation processes adeptly and cultivate innovation ecosystems, particularly in sectors facing inherent market challenges.

What is the Israel Innovation Institute?

Since the NGO’s establishment in 2011, the Israel Innovation Institute has spearheaded the creation of innovation ecosystems aimed at expediting the development and application of solutions across various fields including smart transportation, digital health, agriculture, climate change, desertification, and aquaculture. Through its expansive network, the institute has empowered over 2,500 Israeli start-ups, connecting them with vital resources, investors, academic institutions, governmental bodies, and policymakers.

Illustrative photo of digital files. (credit: PIQSELS)

“During its 12 years of activity, and while managing seven innovation communities around various global challenges, the Israel Innovation Institute has gained extensive knowledge and experience in developing innovation environments and processes,” noted Institute CEO Jonathan Menuhin. “Now, the institute is working to promote global innovation environments through CatalystIL, which will promote impact technologies.”