Plastic surgeon reveals the best free tips to prevent wrinkles

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A plastic surgeon, Dr. Sarmala Sander, gained popularity on social media after sharing valuable anti-aging tips. In a TikTok video, she emphasized the importance of sleeping on your back and avoiding sleeping on your face.

Dr. Sanders explained that sleeping on your face puts pressure on specific areas, forming “sleep lines” that eventually turn into wrinkles. She suggested sleeping on your back or investing in an anti-wrinkle sleeping pillow to support sleeping face up.

Woman examines her skin, touching her cheek (illustrative). (credit: INGIMAGE)

Anti-wrinkle pillows

For those who find it challenging to sleep on their back, Dr. Sander recommended using “anti-wrinkle” pillows designed to minimize pressure on the facial skin. She also advised against drinking through a straw, as repetitive pursing of the lips can cause vertical wrinkles around the mouth, known as “smoking wrinkles.”

Interestingly, these wrinkles can develop even in non-smokers who frequently use straws. Smokers are particularly prone to these wrinkles due to years of repetitive lip movements while inhaling cigarette smoke.Additionally, Dr. Sander advised avoiding exercises and movements that strain the neck muscles. Over time, this repetitive strain can form vertical lines on the neck, causing it to age differently from the rest of the body and face.

It does not have to be expensive

In conclusion, Dr. Sander acknowledged that changing these habits might be challenging. However, she emphasized that making these adjustments could significantly improve your appearance in the long run. 

Following these simple tips could help prevent wrinkles and premature aging instead of relying on expensive treatments and products.