Israel wins gold medal in decade at International Chemistry OlympiadsI


First gold medal in the last decade. All students of the Israeli team in chemistry won medals at the International Chemistry Olympiad

The Israeli team in mathematics (clockwise): Roi Sinai, Lior Hadasi, Noam Ta Shema, Shavu Regavim, Omer Bozen and Ohad Sheinfeld. Photo: Courtesy of Tel Avi University

Four Israeli students each won a medal in the International Chemistry Olympiads including a gold medal, two silver medals, and a bronze medal. The Israeli team scored the highest individual and team score (234 points).

Israel has participated in the Olympiads since 2006. The Olympiads this year was run by Turkey but took place over Zoom due to the coronavirus pandemic.

546 students from 96 universities around the world participated in the prestigious competition which took place online this year and lasted 5 days.

The team included Roi Peer (gold medal), Sheffer Ein Vered (silver medal), Ron Sprintz (silver medal),and Ward Yahya (bronze medal).

Israeli medals in International Chemistry Olympiad

The second place was taken by the University of St. Petersburg (Russia, 233 points), in third place the University of Moscow (Russia, 185 points) and in fourth place was the University of Budapest (Hungary, 176 points).

Germany is ranked 8th, Spain is ranked 14th, the University of Maryland (USA) is ranked 18th, the Netherlands  is ranked 33rd, and England in 48th place.

The Israeli team included 6 students – 5 students from Tel Aviv University and one from Bar-Ilan University.

The Ministry of Education and the Future Scientists Center of the Maimonides Foundation are leading the training of the teams to participate in the International Olympics starting in 2017 as part of a joint venture. The Israel Chemistry team was trained at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry named after Shulich.

The students of Israel’s chemistry team brought great honor and great pride to the State of Israel,” said Eli Fried, Director General of the Future Scientists Center of the Maimonides Fund. “Even in these challenging days, in Israel as in the rest of the world, the students of the team and the professional team persevered in training, with great investment and determination to succeed, excel and achieve.”

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