Israeli Revolutionary Technology: Testing for Coronavirus in Under a Minute


The new detector is friendly for use anywhere, from airports, and hotels, to soccer stadiums. It will also be able to find the fingerprint of the potential virus before it causes next pandemic

Institutional Review Board, known as the Helsinki Committee has approved an experiment method using a breathing device to diagnose  Coronavitus in under a minute in comparison to the current method which takes up to two days.

Developed by Israeli companies NextGen and Scentech Medical the new device is based on a breathing test similar to the police detection for ethanol contained in the blood. The test is expected to distinguish between thousands of gas compounds in the breath and identify the biological signs associated with the coronavirus and the disease it causes. Through a simple examination, it allows the diagnosis of the disease in a short time.

“I believe that with the company’s technology we will soon be able to identify the signature of the virus and the disease it is causing,” says Shulam Lapidot, who previously served as CEO of IDB and was recently appointed chairman of the NextGen company, “It is friendly for use anywhere, such as airports, hotels, tourist sites, soccer stadiums, etc. Our success will help the community and the economy get back to full operation and routine as quickly as possible. ”

The public company Next-Gen is using the technology of Scentech Medical, which identify volatile organic compounds. Both companies teamed up with Meir Medical Center to conduct an experiment that will allow COVID-19 exhalation testing and is expected to bring positive results in the near future and significantly reduce testing times as it is today.

According to the companies, this type of breathing examination has several advantages. For example, the test will enable patients to be identified asymptomatically, so that the virus can be detected early in the patient and enable its isolation quickly and minimize and even stop the spread of the disease.

In addition, the exhalation test enables digital capabilities that will save a long time to get the results compared to the corresponding tests currently in use, thereby significantly increasing the number and reliability of the tests.

The technological capability will also identify the genetic “fingerprint” of the virus, which will also be able to find the fingerprint of the next potential virus in a few weeks, saving time and saving lives before it causes next pandemic

“This is a revolutionary technology that places the field of diagnosis in the early stages of various medical conditions and thus contributes to the quality of care, reducing the damage of the disease and the higher the chances of recovery,” says Dr. Udi Cantor, medical director of Scentech Medical, “the gospel of turning the test into digital To the upheaval that took place in the world of photography, with the move to digital photography that enabled the taking and evaluation of images immediately after filming. “

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