Israeli Startup Oribi Offers Marketing Analytics Tools


Israeli Startup Oribi Offers Marketing Analytics Tools

It just raised $15.5 million to help companies maximize their web traffic.

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Oribi is a startup in Israel which helps other companies deal with the challenge of analyzing online sales and conversions. It does so with Marketing Analytics tools. The company just brought in $15.5 million in new funding for a total of $26 million in investment so far.

It’s about the data stupid! That is to say that total number of hits to your website is not all that counts; having millions of hits a day is meaningless without conversions. You need to know who exactly it is who is visiting your website and where they are located. You also need to see how many visitors even bother to click on your ad links or even look at the other pages on your site.

If you are selling something then you need the right kind of people, real potential customers, to come to your sites. A millions hits a day does not mean sales are made.

If you have an information based website, then you need to be sure that your readers are clicking on all of those ads and paid links. This is how you generate revenue and this is where a firm like Oribi comes in.

Iris Shoor Oribi CEO

Founded in 2015 by CEO Iris Shoor, Oribi states that it provides “actionable insights instead of just more data’” and that by doing so “millions of companies gain access to a field that was so far only available to a small segment.” The company boasts that it is the first to be dedicated to building an AI-based technology that can help any business of any size become completely data-driven.

With the tag line “Make fully data-driven decisions and take your digital marketing to the next level,” Oribi provides its users with insights to explain their visitors’ behavior, optimize their site and increase their conversions. The company boasts that its product integrates easily with websites and marketing channels, providing insights and answers to the most essential questions that arise when analyzing marketing results, from measuring the effectiveness of each marketing channel to evaluating the behavior of site visitors.

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“I decided to build a tool like Oribi after leading the marketing and product teams at the two other startups I founded. It always amazed me how complicated it was to answer the most basic marketing questions-questions that every site owner needs answers to,” says Iris Shoor. “Analytics tools have stayed essentially unchanged for over a decade, and we are excited to bring new concepts of technology and product to this market. Thousands of customers have replaced Google Analytics with Oribi. This fundraising will help us get to the next level.”

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