Israeli Startup Propel Has PR Solutions


Israeli Startup Propel Has PR Solutions

Propel just raised $1.1 million.

Propel is an Israeli startup offering software for use by public relations professionals. Propel just brought in $1.1 million in new investments led by LogicBoost Labs.

Public relations does not sound like a field that one ordinarily associates with new startups or any single firm that specializes in servicing this field alone. And we are not talking about a new public relations firm here, but a startup that provides services to PR firms. Microsoft, Oracle, and other big software companies must already have this niche market covered with their own software offerings.

And PR is not just about writing up press releases or writing the speeches given by business executives. The Public Relations Society of America says that PR is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. It is also about planning publicity strategies and campaigns, writing and producing presentations and press releases, dealing with inquiries from the public, the press, and related organizations. PR firms also organize and attend promotional events such as press conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours, and visits.

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So what, exactly, does Propel offer? The company was launched as a software as a service provider in 2019 by PR industry veteran Zach Cutler and software engineer David Cohen.

Propel says that it developed its offerings with the input of PR professionals. Propel offers a Public Relations Management (PRM) software consisting of a global media database with over a million influencers and journalists, Gmail and Outlook integrations, journalist engagement scores, a CRM built specifically for PR, business outcomes attribution, and interactive dashboard reports – all in one.

According to Propel, the company today has more than 100 customers including Google, The Daily Mail, and W20> In addition to Tel Aviv, they have offices in London and Miami too.

“We allow PR professionals to spend more time on the strategic aspects of PR – such as developing a new story angle, researching highly relevant targets to pitch, or landing a new client, and once they experience that shift they refuse to go back,” said Zach Cutler, Propel’s CEO and Co-Founder.

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