Israeli startup REE reinvented the wheel for Future Vehicle


The first prototype of the Israeli Future Vehicle REE will be presented at the International Automotive Exhibition (IAA) next week in Frankfurt.

The Israeli startup REE will present the new prototype for future vehicles at the International Automotive Exhibition   (IAA) next week in Frankfurt.

REE incorporate revolutionary technology and developed a new space-saving architecture in the design, and manufacture of electric vehicles.

REE emerged from stealth mode last month to unveiling its flat and modular chassis, which integrates all of the components usually found under the car hood into the wheels.

The company co-founded by entrepreneurs Daniel Barel and Avishay Sardes, who previously founded SoftWheel, a wheelchair suspension start-up.


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In the new REE, all-wheel drive, which in a standard vehicle is under the hood, has been incorporated into the wheels of the vehicle: the motor, steering, suspension, drivetrain, sensors, brakes, thermal systems, and electronics.  The result is that the REE’s vehicle is creating a flat platform. It is more efficient and has a wider range than any other vehicle while allowing more efficient cargo or passenger transport.

Leading international carmakers including Mitsubishi Corporation, Musashi Seimitsu Industry, Tenneco, American Axle, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and NSK are already collaborating with REE.

The first prototype of the Israeli Future Vehicle will be presented at the exhibition, which will be held on September 10-22 in Frankfurt, together with the company Musashi, one of the world’s leading car parts manufacturers owned by Honda.

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