Israelis Are Among Most likely to Quit Social Media


Israelis Are Among Most likely to Quit Social Media

The country came in at number 26 on the list.

Israelis rank 26th among the top 30 nations in the world whose people wish to quit social media. This according to a new study conducted by Reboot Online.

Lots of people these days have become fatigued from social media for one reason or another. Some are tired of seeing all those silly posts of people that they know with their kids or their pets. Some get depressed by seeing all those images of happy people. Others are tired of all of the divisive political rhetoric that people spread on social media. And more often than not, the information that they share is false no matter how much that these people profess it to be the truth. And some people just never bother to even look at the websites.

There is also a difference between quitting Facebook or quitting Twitter, or Instagram. Instagram lets people look at pictures of their favorite celebs or just hot looking chics in bikinis. Twitter is more about reading what is on the mind of the people who you might think have important things to say. But, unfortunately, the study did not offer a breakdown as to which social media services were more likely to be dropped.

Rebbot Online also did not give any insight into why Israelis are so likely to drop their social media accounts. But knowing Israelis there could be any number of reasons.

Founded in 2001 by Israelis and based in the U.K., Reboot says that it is not your average SEO Company. The company boasts that it has achieved a balance with skilled analytical SEO professionals and the creativity of graphic designers.

So how did they come to their conclusions? Reboot Online says that it classified and grouped consistently recurring Google searches by individuals on quitting social media such as ‘how to delete social media?’, ‘how to delete Facebook?’, ‘how to delete Instagram?’, ‘how to delete Tumblr?’, ‘how to delete TikTok’?, ‘how to delete Twitter?’ and ‘how to delete Snapchat?’ as online searches which most signify users’ desire to quit social media.

The research found that Israel ranks 26th, with an average of 6,050 online searches a month from Israelis who are looking up how to cancel their social media accounts. This comes to 0.089% of all Israeli internet users. Americans came in first on the list with an average 1,134,400 online searches a month indicating a desire to quit social media permanently. This is the equivalent of 36,594 online searches each day; equating to 0.363% of American internet users wishing to quit social media.

In second position is India as there is an average 497,940 online searches a month by Indians signalling their desire to quit social media. Then there are the United Kingdom with 308,850 online searches, Canada with 109,120 online searches and Australia with 97,060 online searches.

Reboot Online offers the following tips to limit social media usage:
1) Turn Off “Push” Notifications
Soon as our phone makes a sound, we are straight away drawn to it. Push notifications attached to social media apps can be disabled and to reduce social media intake, it would be wise to do so. Less notification sounds and lights via social media apps is more than likely to have a position impact on your productivity and concentration levels.

2) Daily Social Media Detox
Set yourself a daily goal where you delegate at least an hour of the day when you are awake to not use social media at all. This can be during the morning, lunch or at night – whatever hour slot works best for you. It is an excellent way to detach yourself from social media and reduce your reliance on it. Maybe in that hour find yourself a hobby which does not involve staring at a screen.

3) Have a Productive Approach
With social media it can be easy to get drawn into pointless debates or become fixated by comedy memes/videos but why not make your time spent on social media productive. There are a ton of educational influencers from a range of areas such as finance and technology, so why not follow those in subject areas you have a genuine interest in and absorb their content to gain valuable knowledge. have a genuine interest in and absorb their content to gain valuable knowledge.

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