Jason Goldberg Is Doing It Again With Moxie Fitness


Moxie was already in development before the Covid crisis.

After a number of successful projects, Jason Goldberg has now gotten behind the new on line physical fitness service Moxie.

Goldberg is what is known as a serial entrepreneur in that he continually starts new companies. His successes include Socialmedian, a social news aggregator, Fabulis, a gay social network, Hem, a furniture manufacturing company and Simple Token which bridges crypto-currencies and mainstream consumer apps.

Do you see a pattern here? So it kind of makes sense that now he is behind a new app/website which lets people get a work out through virtual sessions.

Moxie is the online fitness marketplace. All-in-one platform for hosting live fitness classes, scheduling, payments and streaming music. It has $2.1 million in investment.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused closures around the world. This, of course, has required health clubs to shutter since all of those people training in close quarters can be a virus spreader.

Everyone who needs their regular workouts to stay in shape, or just to burn off some negative emotional energy, is counting the days until they can go back to the gym.

But what can they do in the meantime?

And even after the Corona crisis is over, many people may not want to go back to the gym out of fear of contracting some other illness. And then there are all sorts of people who simply have no time to get to the gym and would prefer to be able to work out at home.

The Moxie Fitness pay per class system also saves people the need to commit to paying for a regular gym membership.

Moxie was already in development before the Covid crisis and was not intended just for such problems. In fact, the company thought that 2020 was going to be its big year, but the pandemic put a wrench in its plans.

The company explains that rather than just give up it, “decided to focus our resources towards building something that people need right now — even if it meant starting from scratch.”

As part of their new plan the Moxie Fitness people saw that all those gym instructors and people who lead exercise classes were in search of work due to the closure. So why not put the supply– the instructors – together with the demand – the users.

The instructors can keep 85% of the fees charged.

In an interview with PYMNTS.com Jason Goldberg explained, “It became clear in February that the business we wanted to launch was not going to launch this year, And so we decided we could either just wait it out and see what happened over the next 18 to 24 months, or we could build something that people need right now.”

“And it took about a week for us to agree that we were just going to pivot the entire business and go all in on building something the people needed right now. We asked ourselves what we were going to miss the most during the pandemic. We saw there was an opportunity in fitness, because people were working out at home and couldn’t take classes with their favorite instructor. We saw an opportunity both from the instructor standpoint and from the fitness fanatic standpoint.”

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