6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Advertise on Instagram


By Contributing Author

Instagram is probably the fastest growing social media platform in the world today. It has over 1 billion active users every month. Such large numbers make it a very useful platform for businesses to use to market their businesses, their products and brands. Each one of those millions is a potential follower and customer for your business, brand, or products. 

There are many varied reasons why it’s very important for businesses to market their products and services on this popular social media platform.

Customer Expectations

Yes, it’s true, your customers actually expect your business to market its products and services on Instagram. This is because it makes it very convenient for them to do their shopping from the comfort of their homes. They read content posted by businesses and make comparisons on prices and product quality online. Gone are the days when shoppers walked long distances to do some window shopping before making up their minds on which goods to purchase. People will search your account by name or via your hashtags. Not posting your ads on Instagram will lead to a decrease in sales and profits because people will not know about your business and its brands and products. You will lose vital business to your competitors who are on Instagram and are therefore more visible. 

Proven Track Record

Studies show that upwards of 30 percent of active instagram users have made a purchase as a direct result of  information posted on the platform by businesses. With over  1billion active monthly users, that means well over 300 million people have made a purchase based on content posted on Instagram by businesses. That’s a lot of business. So by not opening a business account on Instagram, your business loses a lot of potential sales and profits. Once you have an account, you can buy Instagram accounts to increase brand awareness. Once again, if your business does not have an Instagram account you lose out to your competitors. 

Use of Visuals

Unlike most other social media platforms, Instagram is primarily a visual platform. It uses videos and photos. This is a big advantage because video illustrations and photos with accompanying captions make it possible for businesses to create great effective content. Visuals have a much greater impact than written text. They say much more than mere words. Psychologists will tell you that people tend to remember more of what they see than what they hear. Well, shot videos and photos with well-composed captions are sure to grab any user’s attention. 

High Engagement Rate

The Instagram platform has a higher engagement rate than all other social media platforms. It has an engagement rate of more than 4 percent. This far outstrips engagement rates of far less than 1 percent for other platforms. The statistics make interesting reading. Instagram delivers upwards of 50 times more engagement per each follower than Facebook and more than 100 times more than Twitter. 

Vital Networking Tool

Instagram also has another big advantage. Business people can network with fellow business people, individuals, suppliers and so on. They will comment, like, or share photos and videos. 


Another plus for Instagram is that it makes it possible for a satisfied customer to tag the business. A customer who tags a business for a job well done is providing that business with valuable free advertising. Other users will flock to that business being vouched for. If that business does not have an Instagram account that would not happen.

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