Jeffrey Epstein Victims Cut Off From Further Compensations


Jeffrey Epstein Victims Cut Off From Further Compensations

And Ghislaine Maxwell wants to cheat justice.

Jeffrey Epstein Mug Shot

Victims of Jeffrey Epstein who have yet to receive monetary compensation for his rape and abuse will not be getting any more money in damages. At least for now. After giving out more than $50 million to people who Epstein in some way assaulted, the independent fund set up to compensate victims has been forced to stop making payments. This is because it does not know if it will be getting more money.

The fund called the Epstein Victims Compensation Program began operating in June, 2020. It acquired its funding from the Epstein estate which was valued at $630 million. But this does not mean that there is anywhere near that much money available to pay out to the rapist’s victims. There were of course many creditors to the estate. And other parties may have had cause to sue the estate for compensation of one form or another. And just because a house or pieces of art may have had certain price tags attributed to them this does not mean that they could actually be sold off for that much money.

“Although I sincerely regret having to take this action, I have concluded that it is necessary to protect the interests of eligible claimants who have not yet resolved their claims through the program,” said Jordana H. Feldman, a lawyer who administers the Epstein Victims Compensation Program.

“Issuing a compensation offer that cannot be timely and fully funded and paid, consistent with the way the program has operated to date, would compromise claimants’ interests and the guiding principles of the program,” Feldman said on Thursday.

Meanwhile Ghislaine Maxwell has proven that she certainly knows the meaning of Chutzpah. The former BFF and pimp of Epstein’s who personally forced underage girls into being his victims has a new novel idea for avoiding prison for her crimes.

Maxwell’s lawyers are now arguing in court that she is only being prosecuted because Epstein is dead. This is an insult to the intelligence of, well, everyone. Of course she still would have been prosecuted if he were alive today and yes they were looking to arrest her too even before Epstein died.

Her lawyers have also argued that a plea deal the federal prosecutor signed on to with Jeffrey Epstein more than a decade ago somehow protects her from prosecution. Apparently the deal, which has been the subject of criticism and suspicion for having gone so easy on Epstein, had a clause in which the authorities promised not to prosecute his friends.

Now this is just silly. Whatever the deal actually said, whatever a judge rules, whatever the law actually says, Ghislaine Maxwell can still be prosecuted on a large number of other charges for other crimes committed at other times not only in American jurisdictions but also around the world.