New York’s Worst Apartment as Seen on TikTok


New York’s Worst Apartment as Seen on TikTok

New York, New York, its a hell of a town if you’ve got money.

Tiny New York Apartment — TikTok

If you ever wondered what New York City’s worst apartment looks like on the inside, wonder no more! Thanks to TikTok user “NewYorkCityRealtor” – Compass Real Estate agent Cameron Knowlton – now you can catch a glimpse of it. And you won’t believe how much it goes for.

The tiny closet – and that’s what it is as its clearly too small to be called a studio – is listed at $1650 a month. It only has a small refrigerator and no stove. There is just a tiny refrigerator, small sink and a few cabinets. If you look at the pictures you can see that it is missing one big and important item.

If you haven’t figured this out yet we will tell you: there is no bathroom. Since the building is designated as a single room occupancy (SRO) it is more like a hostel than an apartment building. Tenants must share communal bathrooms.

And if you think that the rent here is too damn high, think again. The space is located in one of Manhattan’s most coveted and trendy neighborhoods, the West Village. This is right near where the friends on Friends all lived, somehow affording local rent in spite of always being broke.

Small NYC Apartment — TikTok

Now read some of the comments:

“I’ve seen better homeless shelters.”

“No wonder New Yorkers are angry all the time.”

“People in prison live better. I’ve seen it on Prison Tok.”

“And people thought that we were joking when we said that New York City apartments are like closets.”

So maybe people should pity New Yorkers instead of hating them. If you want a nice and affordable apartment then you will need to live out in the outer boroughs which will require hours of roundtrip commuting by subway every day if you work in Manhattan. And no one likes having to ride the New York City subways. You also will not be able to enjoy all of the things that make living in the big city so enjoyable.

So it really is like people say. New York is a great town to live in if you earn enough to afford it.

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