Leaders at Tesla, SpaceX left concerned over Elon Musk’s drug use


Elon Musk has been worrying executives at two of his enterprises, who are concerned over the Billionaire’s use of illegal drugs, the Wall Street Journal published on Saturday.

The Journal reported that some people close to the 52-year-old are afraid that the drugs might pose a risk to Musk’s health and the health of Musk’s six companies and assets.

The consumption of illegal substances could be a violation of federal policies, endangering SpaceX’s billion-dollar government contracts. The Journal estimated the worth of the endangered assets to be at a value of $1 trillion.

Citing an anonymous source working closely on the matter, the Journal claimed that former Tesla Director Linda Johnson Rice did not stand for reelection in the company’s board in 2019 over the issue.

Elon Musk (credit: REUTERS)

Additionally, at a meeting of SpaceX employees at the rocket company’s headquarters in California, Musk had apparently delivered an incomprehensible speech after arriving an hour late. SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell eventually took over the meeting. While it is unknown if drugs had been the cause of the strange public blunder, executives discussed their concerns privately. One executive described the interaction as “nonsensical,” “unhinged” and “cringeworthy,” according to the source.

What drugs has Musk allegedly been using?

Musk has allegedly used LSD, cocaine, ecstasy and psychedelic mushrooms. He also reportedly smoked Cannabis and has a prescription for the psychedelic drug Ketamine.

Musk publicly smoked cannabis during an interview with Joe Rogan 5 years ago, where he shrugged off a question asked by Rogan on whether stockholders would be upset if he publicly partook in drugs.

In a podcast interview with Shots Podcast Network 8 months ago, Musk advocated the use of psychedelic mushrooms to treat Depression. He claimed that the side effects of the mushrooms were preferable to those of SSRIs standardly prescribed to treat the mental health condition and stated his belief that it was the next drug expected to be decriminalized.

Much of the drug use had reportedly taken place at private parties, where guests signed non-disclosure agreements.

Musk’s attorney Alex Spiro told the source that Musk is “regularly and randomly drug tested at SpaceX and has never failed a test.” Spiro, who said he represents Tesla, added in response to detailed questions that “there are other false facts” in this article but didn’t detail them.