Michael Cohen: Trump Hit On My 15 Year Old Daughter


It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. Michael Cohen’s revelations about Donald Trump seem to have no end. And now he reveals that President Trump once said of his daughter when she was just 15, “Look at that piece of ass.” Samantha Cohen, Michael Cohen now 24 year old daughter, has even has even more to say about the Trump kids in a Vanity Fair interview.

According to Michael Cohen, when Trump first saw Samantha on a tennis court and did not know yet that she was Cohen’s daughter the President said, “Look at that piece of ass. I would love some of that.”

Instead of apologizing to his friend and lawyer, Trump asked the young girl for a kiss on the cheek and said to her, “When did you get such a beautiful figure?”

Samantha Cohen told Vanity Fair about the incident, “If you can hit on a 15-year-old, I am pretty sure there is something wrong with you, and when you allow someone with that little integrity to be in the most powerful office, that sets the tone for the rest of the country’s culture.”

On the President’s younger daughter Tiffany: “She has friends who are gay. She’s an Ivy League–educated woman. There’s no way that she thinks that any of this is a good idea, and her dad treated her like shit her whole life. She never really got the perks of being a Trump kid before. But this is how and when she wants it? Being part of the most hated family in America?”

On Ivanka: “Ivanka lived in our building. She would totally ignore me if she ever saw me. I always found it so strange because she loved my dad. She came over one night because he made his “famous” lasagna. Whenever we were alone, though, she’d look past me.”

After Michael Cohen was arrested, Ivanka Trump once spoke with Samantha to offer her and her family’s consolations. Ivanka told Samantha how sorry the whole Trump family was. But Samantha Cohen says that she knew that Ivanka Trump was being phony and did not really mean what she said.

“I don’t know if she was trying to make herself feel better, or if she did it for show because there were other people in the lobby,” says Cohen. “It just felt like someone threw a bucket of slime on me because it was so phony and gross. But no one actually gave a rat’s ass about my dad or my mom or my brother or me. We were all, as my dad likes to say, collateral damage.”

On President Trump himself, Samantha says that she did not understand her father’s loyalty to the man. She remembers Donald Trump constantly treating her father in a degrading manner.

“I was not desensitized to someone putting down my dad and insulting him and degrading him,” she says. “That was one of the reasons I hated Trump so much. It always felt like, God forbid my dad came close to not needing him. If my dad had any successes outside of the Trump Organization, Trump cut his bonus or cut his salary. He would find ways to undermine my dad in the office. Trump was holding him back. He had a twisted umbilical cord to Trump.”

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