Mr. Go Pizza Pizza Vending Machine Debuts in Rome


Mr. Go Pizza Pizza Vending Machine Debuts in Rome

But will people eat pizza from a machine?

Romans are trying out a new way to order a pizza. They can now get it made by machine with the help of the Italian company Mr. Go Pizza. The new vending machine offers freshly cooked pizzas in just three minutes.

Automation seems to be the way that things are going these days the world over. Fast food chains like McDonalds have already begun implementation of automated order systems where customers lace their orders through the use of computer consoles. But this, of course, means a loss of jobs for any people who need the minimum wage work.

It also means an end to the personal element.

3D printing technology is progressing at a high rate. Soon people may not even need to go out and get their pizza from a machine. They will be able to make whatever they wish at home, as long as they have the right ingredients. This could mean the eventual end of fast food chains entirely.

Mister Go says that it wants to become a chain of 24 hour a day stores. Each new vending machine will be set to try to satisfy the needs of the area where it is located. Local demographics and tastes will be taken into account. The company explains that this means that the chain restaurant will no longer impose the choices on people in an area, but the area will determine what selections will be offered.

Mr. Go therefore becomes a brand serving the consumer, changing from time to time, area by area.

But is this actually going to happen? Has Mr. Go Pizza failed to take into account the feelings of consumers and what they want to experience when ordering their dinners. Perhaps the human element with someone taking the order and watching the people prepare is important?

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Some locals told Reuters that they were not impressed. Claudio Zampiga, a pensioner, said, “It looks good but it is much smaller than in a restaurant and there is less topping.”

Fabrizia Pugliese, a Naples native and university student in Rome, said, “It’s OK but it’s not pizza.”

“Terrible. Pizza really needs to be eaten hot, immediately. This doesn’t work for me,” said another woman.

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