Netanyahu: Israel may go to a military operation in Gaza before elections


Ahead of the elections on Tuesday, Netanyahu, who was ridiculed for being rushed off-stage due to rocket attack from Gaza, takes a tough stance on Hamas

Upon returning from a brief visit to Russia, and ahead of the national elections next week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday morning, that a military operation in the Gaza Strip “could happen at any moment,” Channel 13 reported.

Shortly before flying for 24 hours meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Netanyahu told radio Reshet Bet that “it looks like there will be no other choice but to embark on a wide-scale campaign in Gaza.”

Israelis go to the polls this coming Tuesday, September 17.

Netanyahu went under bad experience on Tuesday night, during a campaign rally in the city of Ashdod. While he was addressing his audience, two rockets were launched and the Prime Minister was whisked off the stage by his bodyguards to take shelter.

His ridicules picture of Netanyahu rashing into a shelter, leaving fans under the open sky, repeatedly exploited by his political rivals, providing a counterpoint to the image he cultivates as “Mr. Security”. His rivals highlighting what they say a failure of the prime minister to deal with ongoing attacks from Gaza terror groups.

Netanyahu in the bunker: “Iran is responsible for the shooting”

Hamas has been fired rockets at Israeli communities multiple times over the past week. Netanyahu emphasized, “An operation in Gaza could happen at any moment, including four days before the elections. The date of the elections does not a factor.”

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