Netanyahu: United Hatzalah deserves to be recognized

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, standing alongside his wife Sara, told representatives of United Hatzalah at their headquarters in Jerusalem on Tuesday that they “deserve to be recognized for saving lives.”

“You have saved many people and you are doing amazing work, well done,” he said after receiving an in-depth overview of the mission and activities of Israel’s largest volunteer emergency medical service organization from United Hatzalah CEO Eli Pollak.

Pollak highlighted the dedication of the organization’s 7,000 volunteers, who come from all walks of Israeli society and from all over Israel, and are willing to drop their daily obligations to save lives each day.

He further presented the prime minister and his wife with the organization’s unique approach to saving lives and the various organizational activities aimed to advance this mission, and how October 7 was a milestone for United Hatzalah, proving its ability to respond to national crises in real-time.

They further saw horrific footage from the October 7 attacks captured by United Hatzalah ambulance dashcams that entered the line of fire at the onset of the war.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and wife Sara Netanyahu visit United Hatzalah headquarters (credit: UNITED HATZALAH‏)

“My wife and I have come to be here with [United Hatzalah President and Founder] Eli Beer and the thousands of United Hatzalah volunteers: Jews and Arabs, around 700 Muslim Arabs and others, who have volunteered to help and to save lives, together with secular and ultra-orthodox Jews, 50% ultra-orthodox, people who are deployed throughout the country and give of themselves,” Netanyahu said.

“They saved many lives on October 7, under fire, and occasionally were fired upon, and treated themselves even as they saved lives – and they are doing this constantly.”


Beer said during the prime minister’s visit, “United Hatzalah volunteers were the first to arrive at the bloodiest battle zones on October 7th and saved the lives of hundreds of citizens, soldiers, and members of the security forces. I was very moved by the deep appreciation of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife Sara for the holy work done by the devoted volunteers who treated and rescued those who were wounded, while under fire from terrorists.

“United Hatzalah will continue to assist all those in need and be part of the national response during routine times and times of war for the benefit of Israeli citizens.”