New Israeli Startup Gabriel Makes “Smart” Panic Button


From Gabriel

Gabriel, an Israeli security firm, intends to introduce a new type of “Panic Button” before the High Holidays this year. Depending on whether or not services can be held in synagogues around the world on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipur this year in light of the Corona Virus, such a device will certainly be welcomed by the people providing security to synagogues the world over.

There has been an increase in attacks on Jewish communities around the world in recent years. Since 2016, the United States has seen a scary rise in the incidents of anti-Semitism. And then there are all of the school shootings going on in America.

Gabriel’s new tech can help detect gun shots and threats ahead of time. It can distinguish between the sound of a gun being fired and other noises that sound similar to this. Imagine if law enforcement received an alarm at the exact moment when a gun is fired. Or what if a security guard could get such an alarm when he is not near enough to the gun shots to hear them?

The new system can also alert the innocent people in the area and guide them to safe places. It can be used through an app on mobile phones and was developed by people with real security experience having worked for agencies like Israel’s Mosad.

From Gabrial

Gabriel CEO Yoni Sherizen told Calcalist, “This is another important step towards reducing the time it takes to respond to emergency situations, alert authorities of danger, and provide vital life-saving tools to react faster and smarter; putting help in reach of every hand.”

GABRIEL provides a smart, affordable, and easy-to-use crisis-management solution for school shootings and other public safety threats. GABRIEL warns of danger, improves first-responder capabilities, and helps manage a crisis throughout the critical first minutes, even before help has arrived.

Using a mix of proprietary sensors, mobile apps, and an intelligent dashboard, GABRIEL seeks to improve citizens’ ability to both prepare for and navigate threats to their safety and security.

Gabriel is a product of Blue Systems A.Y.

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