Nitrofix raises $3.1m. for emissions-free ammonia production


Nitrofix, a company specializing in zero-emission ammonia production, has raised $3.1 million in seed financing, which it will use to expedite the development of green ammonia using a novel electrochemical process that relies solely on water and air. If that development is successful, the technology holds promise for the agriculture, hydrogen, and maritime fuel markets, offering a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to ammonia production.

Ammonia plays a critical role in various industries, supporting over 50% of global food production and serving as a vital component in maritime fuel, hydrogen as an energy carrier, cooling, and polymers. However, traditional ammonia production methods generate significant carbon emissions, with 2.5 tons of CO2 produced for every ton of ammonia.

Current alternatives, however, are projected to be more costly, which limits their potential implementation.

Nitrofix fixes the problem

In order to address that problem, Nitrofix’s technology utilizes a cost-effective and zero-emission electrochemical method for ammonia production. The company’s approach employs a low-cost and selective catalyst, enabling the reaction to occur at low voltage and with minimal power consumption. By using water and air as primary sources, the process significantly reduces carbon emissions, making it a viable and cost-competitive option.

The unrecognized villages around Ramat Hovav which suffer from a high level of air pollution from nearby evaporation ponds of the chemicals and the IEC power plant. December 28, 2017 (credit: YANIV NADAV/FLASH90)

Considering a projected threefold increase in ammonia demand by 2050, Nitrofix’s eco-friendly approach has the potential to drive more sustainable practices across industries like food production, air conditioning, and maritime fuel transportation.

“Nitrofix’s approach to green ammonia production is changing how the agriculture, shipping, and polymers industries can track toward carbon-neutral outputs to reach their global decarbonization goals by 2050,” said Daniel Goldman, co-founder and Managing Partner of Clean Energy Ventures. “Out of the many green ammonia companies we assessed, Nitrofix was the only company to disrupt the conventional fossil energy and carbon-intensive Haber-Bosch approach and create an economic path to decarbonizing a global industry.”

With the recent funding, Nitrofix plans to further develop its technology and expand its team to meet the rising demand for clean ammonia solutions across the energy, fertilizer, and freight sectors. The company aims to contribute to a more sustainable future where critical industries can reduce their carbon footprint and work towards a greener planet.

“As we venture into the next phase of our company’s growth, we are honored to have the support of like-minded investors around the globe with the expertise to commercialize climate technologies at scale,” said Nitrofix CEO and co-founder Ophira Melamed. “Our goal is to accelerate the production of sustainable green ammonia at cost parity to meet the increasing demand for this essential compound.”