Orca Security Latest Israeli Unicorn with $1.2 Billion Valuation


Orca Security Latest Israeli Unicorn with $1.2 Billion Valuation

The status comes after a $210 round of funding.

Orca Security founders Avi Shua and Gil Geron (PR Pic)

Israeli startup Orca Security is now a unicorn. The cybersecurity company reached this milestone when it completed a $210 million Series C round of funding led by CapitalG, Alphabet’s independent growth fund, and Redpoint Ventures, which left it with a $1.2 billion valuation.

Orca Security is the seventh Israeli startup to turn Unicorn since December. It joins Aqua Security, Yotpo, Papaya Global, Wiz, Axionus, and Melio.

Founded in 2019, Orca Security offers the cloud security innovation. The company provides cloud-wide, workload-deep security and compliance for AWS, Azure, and GCP. Orca boasts that it treats a client’s cloud as an, “interconnected web of assets, prioritizing risk based on the severity of the underlying security issue combined with environmental context, including its accessibility and potential damage to the business.” This does away with thousands of meaningless security alerts to provide just the critical few that matter, along with their precise path to remediation.

Orca Security says that its solution deploys in minutes, not months, because “no opcode runs within your cloud environment. With Orca, there are no overlooked assets, no DevOps headaches, and no performance hits on live environments.”

Everything is going into the cloud these days. Do you use Google Docs, or any of the other Google services? Well then all of your files are stored in servers located around the world. The same thing is also now true with MS Office which offers customers cloud based software services. Notebook computers have always had a limited storage capacity. And more and more people are switching to tablets which do not offer the same services as a computer. So cloud services will soon be standard.

“By creating a security solution that actually works, we are solving a fundamental problem that has been broken since the inception of cloud security,” said Avi Shua, CEO and co-founder of Orca Security. “In the face of increasing threats and rapidly expanding cloud estates, organizations can’t be burdened with installing and maintaining agents and sidecars. We enable our customers to instantly protect their cloud environments, eliminate attack paths, fuel digital transformation, and meet compliance mandates.”

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Orca’s Security’s patent-pending SideScanning technology is the heart of its platform. SideScanning reads the cloud configuration and workloads’ runtime block storage out-of-band to detect vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, lateral movement risk, authentication risk, secret keys, unsecured PII, and more. Orca Security says that it’s is the first cloud security solution that addresses these risks without agents or per asset integration, giving enterprises 100 percent visibility and coverage within minutes.

“In a cloud environment, you’re frequently scaling utilization up and down—possibly thousands of times per hour across multiple clouds—all within a CI/CD pipeline that builds your infrastructure. I tried numerous agent-based tools and they all failed miserably.” said Drew Daniels, CIO and CISO, Druva, Inc. “Orca provides 100% coverage without burdening our DevOps team. It just works.”

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