Over 130 executives exchange ideas at Tel Aviv cybersecurity summit


Team8 Group, a renowned venture group specializing in fintech, cyber, data, and digital health, hosted its highly anticipated Annual CISO Summit in Tel Aviv last week.

The flagship event attracted over 130 senior cyber executives from leading enterprises worldwide, including representatives from Oracle, Walmart, Microsoft, BNY Mellon, General Motors, Danone, Schneider Electric, Repsol, and Unilever, among others.

The CISO Summit featured an impressive lineup of speakers, including esteemed senior executives and government officials from the global and local cyber sectors.

Notable figures such as Chris Inglis, the recently retired National Cyber Director of the White House; Yossi Cohen, Former Head of the Mossad; and Aviv Kohavi, Former Chief of Staff of the IDF spoke at the event. C-level executives from renowned organizations and companies also contributed their expertise and insights.

Nadav Zafrir, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Team8 expressed Team8’s pride to host a global summit of cyber leaders in Israel. “Today’s dynamic geopolitical reality, along with technological advancements, primarily in Generative AI, will change the world as we know it and create multifaceted challenges and opportunities requiring collaboration, speed, flexibility, and creativity on a daily basis,” he said.

A sophisticated attacker would have to penetrate many levels to damage a properly defended company, says Team8 founder Nadav Zafrir (credit: RONEN ZVULUN/REUTERS)

Generative AI and cyber security are important topics

The summit centered around the theme of “Resilience” and facilitated engaging peer-to-peer discussions exploring topics such as Generative AI and cyber security.

During the conference, Nir Zuk, Founder and CTO of Palo Alto Networks, advised organizations to find ways to work with AI instead of against it, acknowledging the transformative impact of AI on the industry. “Everything that you do in terms of services, will be replaced by AI in the next few years. So you better find a way to provide services with AI rather than fight AI,” he said.

The CISO Summit brought together cyber experts, industry leaders, government representatives, and academics to address cybersecurity challenges and opportunities in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, emphasizing the importance of resilience and AI integration.

Arie Zilberstien, CEO and Co-Founder at Gem Security, emphasized the importance of resilience for CISOs in the cloud era. “Cloud complexity makes mistakes and breaches inevitable: a defense in depth strategy with multiple layers of detection and response is critical to stop threats before they become breaches,” he said. “At the “CISO Summit, it’s incredible to be able to discuss these issues and share our perspectives with the leading minds in security today.”