Pelephone debuts 5G MAX network and network core in Israel


Pelephone launched a new 5G MAX network package for the first time in Israel, allowing some internet speeds to reach 6 GB, the company announced on Wednesday.   

The new network’s core was established with a NIS 50 million investment and the company said that it may assist Israel during times of emergency.

Customers are able to subscribe to the new network core in the coming weeks, which will allow for broader browsing, calls, content, high traffic rates, low latency and network prioritization during peak congestion. 

In addition to introducing this new package, Pelephone demonstrated the deployment of the network and its prioritization capabilities for gamers at Tel Aviv Port and prioritization for flying drones in Hod Hasharon. 

Pelephone’s independent 5G network core offers unique mobile services and applications which will enable maximum utilization of 5G features for the private and business sectors.

Cell phone (credit: INGIMAGE)

Customers will soon be able to enjoy more advanced information security, encryption, and reliability; and a high level of network survivability – which can help reduce battery consumption, and improve cyber security.

Communication at a time of regional tension

Emergencies are another area where the new core network is expected to be of usefulness, with the possibility of maintaining a strong, stable cellular network as well as providing quick solutions for drones and security services, an aspect already generating interest among security agencies, the company prophesized.

The network will also bring dramatic improvements to information security and be more resistant to cyber hacks and attack attempts by hostile parties using advanced encryption protocols.

“We are at the start of an important milestone which constitutes a significant stage in the development of 5G networks in Israel,” said Ilan Sigal, CEO of Pelephone.


“Pelephone is leading another revolution in Israel’s cellular market, after we were the first to introduce 5G in Israel and successfully launch eSIM services. We are proud to share this great news in the evolution of cellular infrastructure in Israel, which will offer surfing qualities and innovative technological solutions that Israelis have not yet experienced. We continue to lead 5G in Israel with some 1.1 million customers, while expanding our 5G deployment throughout the country, aiming for 1,000 sites a year from now. ”

How useful will this service be to Israeli society?

 A survey was conducted by Pelephone ahead of the launch was conducted by 2The Point Research Institute among 501 women and men aged over 18 years old. 

The survey found that 67% of Israelis usually upload documentation to social networks at least once a week, with 91% of them doing so when they are present during performances and music events and 62% during sports events in which they take part. Conversely, 76% of Israelis polled said that they experienced technical failures when trying to surf on mobile devices, or upload and send real-time data while participating in large-scale events. 

The inability to use a cellphone at a large-scale event leads to mass customer disappointment, with 83% saying that being unable to surf properly during an event caused them anger or frustration.

“The new network’s core will dramatically improve browsing experiences for many customers, positively influencing the quality of our lives in all areas: transportation, industry, medicine, studies, the home, and more,” noted Dror Bahat, VP Marketing at Pelephone.

“We see that about two thirds of Israel’s adult population plays games on their mobile phones, with ages 13-18 devoting more than two hours a day to mobile gaming activities. The new technology will allow them, and many other populations, to benefit from immediate response times and the ability to connect wherever they are to a network that’s faster than we’ve ever known. We call on startups to join us in developing capabilities via our new network.“