Prompt Security platform emerges with $5m to combat AI threats


Prompt Security, a unified platform for enterprise generative AI security, has officially launched from stealth mode, unveiling a successful $5 million seed funding round.

The funding was spearheaded by Hetz Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm, and included contributions from Four Rivers and distinguished angel investors, such as Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) at Elastic and Dolby.

Prompt Security has garnered attention by providing security solutions to numerous companies, safeguarding their applications, employees, and customers from potential threats associated with generative AI.

Issues with AI security breaches

Recent research by Google highlighted the susceptibility of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to potentially disclose significant amounts of data on which they were trained.

A lawsuit by The New York Times against OpenAI and Microsoft has raised concerns about generative AI tools potentially leaking training data by outputting near-verbatim excerpts of articles.

A keyboard is seen reflected on a computer screen displaying the website of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot from OpenAI, in this illustration picture taken Feb. 8, 2023. (credit: REUTERS/FLORENCE LO/ILLUSTRATION/FILE PHOTO)

Itamar Golan, CEO and co-founder of Prompt Security, commented on the evolving landscape. “Generative AI is rapidly infiltrating enterprises, and this brings a world of new high-stakes risks. Employees have a strong incentive to share enterprise data with generative AI tools, which are often trained on the data and can leak it afterwards. Yet, despite all the risks, generative AI unlocks immense value, and adopting it isn’t a matter of choice — it’s key to business survival,” he said.

Prompt Security addresses these challenges by offering enterprises a comprehensive solution, allowing them to leverage generative AI benefits while mitigating potential risks.

How will this platform protect against AI security attacks?

The platform inspects every prompt and model response at each touchpoint of generative AI within an organization, preventing the exposure of sensitive data, blocking harmful content, and securing against a range of generative AI-specific attacks.

Additionally, Prompt Security provides organizational leaders with complete visibility and governance over the AI tools employed within their operations.


“We empower CISOs to become the generative AI enablers of their organization without sacrificing on security or data privacy. Our mission is to enable enterprises to confidently adopt transformative AI technology on a massive scale by securing their generative AI footprint end-to-end,” said Golan.

Pavel Livshiz, General Partner at Hetz Ventures, expressed confidence in the team, stating, “We wanted to invest in the generative AI security space and were looking for the right team. After getting to know Itamar and Lior, I can say without a doubt that they uniquely understand both the incredible potential of generative AI as well as the new attack surface that comes with it. Their ambitious vision for a unified security solution deeply resonates with the need of enterprise CISOs, and they’ve put together the perfect team to execute on this vision.”