Real Time With Bill Maher Renewed Through 2022


So if President Trump wins reelection he’ll still have Bill Maher as a thorn in his side.

Bill Maher From HBO

Bill Maher From HBO

HBO Loves Bill Maher. His show Real Time has been picked up for two more seasons and will air at least through the end of 2022. The announcement was made by Nina Rosenstein, Executive Vice President, HBO Programming.

So if President Trump wins reelection he’ll still have Bill Maher as a thorn in his side, for at least another two years anyway.

Bill Maher went to HBO after his ABC late night political talk show “Politically Incorrect” was canceled. Ironically, Maher maintains that he was fired for saying politically incorrect things about the 9/11 terrorists.

“For 18 seasons, Bill Maher and the talented team at Real Time have given audiences an unparalleled platform for debate, comedy, and social discourse,” said Nina Rosenstein. “We’re so happy to continue this partnership.”

“18 years – I can’t believe I’m turning 18 and HBO isn’t making me leave home,” said Maher, whose mother was Jewish. “Thrilled to be living under their roof for another couple of years.”

Bill Maher is no stranger to controversy and speaks his mind. There is a reason why his first show was called “Politically Incorrect.” The avowed atheist attacks religion in all of its forms. Decidedly liberal, he still goes after what he calls the phony left and its “cancel culture.” Yet he gives unlimited air time to the big mouths of the phony left in America like documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and foe intellectual Cornel West. On the other hand, he has also given plenty of exposure to right-wing pundits like Ben Shapiro.

Over the past four years the biggest target of Maher’s wit has been Donald Trump. The comedian showed disdain for the man years before he ran for President. But since Trump took office Bill Maher has been most concerned that the President will never leave. President Trump’s comments this week about expecting a “rigged” election in November and that he would not accept any fraudulent results came as no surprise to Maher.

On last Friday’s Real Time the host said, “This week, the president f**%ing flat-out said it – what I’ve been saying he’s going to say forever – he’s not leaving.”

‘The law-and-order president refused to commit to the peaceful transference of power should he lose. I mean, even banana republics are like, this is bananas.,” added Maher. “If you’re the president, the only acceptable answer to ‘Will you submit to the peaceful transference of power?’ is Yes. Not we’re looking at it strongly. Not we’ll see what happens. Are these f**i%ng people insane? This guy will do anything to steal an election.”

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