Russian mafia in Canada: activities and new facts. Meest Corporation Inc


June 13, we published an article “A new method of money laundering in Canada: investigating the activities of Rostislav Kisil”. To begin with, we would like to remind our readers kindly, that article reveals the interview with an insider from Meest Corporation Inc. The materials were published within a journalistic investigation conducted by the editors of Jewish Review. May 2020, there were certain “signals” pulsed regarding Meest Corporation Inc. from several representatives of specialized organizations engaged in monitoring and countering money laundering. An example of such organizations is «The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada» (FINTRAC).

Here comes a video of the second interview with Jeremy S., the insider who worked for 4 years at Meest Corporation Inc.

As we have previously remarked in the latter articles, the activities of Rostislav Kisil, a Canadian businessman of Ukrainian origin, raises more and more questions. Furthermore, we are emphasizing the fact, the aforementioned materials, as well as the original videos and documents our insiders provided us with, will be shared not only to Universal Postal Union, but also to special commissions that investigate the corresponding category of crimes.