Highest-Paying Remote Jobs


Highest-Paying Remote Jobs

By contributing Author

Are you on the hunt for a job you can do from home, but you’re aiming higher than a $15 an hour customer support gig? If there’s a positive effect of the recent pandemic, it has been the realization that a plethora of jobs can be done from anywhere without the need to gather everyone in a central office. These jobs run anywhere from the aforementioned customer service positions to PhD-level research and policy positions.

Naturally, higher-paying jobs require a more evolved skill set. You won’t find jobs that pay $75 per hour that can be done with a GED and a training session. But if you possess sought-after skills, appropriate experience and some solid references, a well-paying remote job could be at your fingertips. Generally, jobs that pay six figures are in the STEM industries: science, technology, engineering and math; that said, there are a number of directorship jobs in other fields that will pay you good green. If managing others isn’t your strong suit, you can certainly find high-paying contract gigs in which you don’t need to worry about anyone but yourself.

Here’s a snapshot of several different kinds of well-paid remote jobs, in no particular order.


Cloud Solutions Architect

Here’s an area of software development which is set to experience solid growth in the coming years. As companies increasingly turn to the cloud to host their operations, developers who are familiar with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are going to be valuable indeed. Currently, the average salary for a cloud solutions architect is $125,206, and this is only going to increase as the cloud becomes more ubiquitous.

Chief Information Security Officer

If you live, eat and breathe information security, and you’ve earned CISP or other appropriate certifications, you’re a prime candidate for a chief information security officer. This is a highly sought-after position at businesses large and small. At a larger business, you’ll be responsible for creating, overhauling, and maintaining the information security program across the organization.

Smaller businesses likely can’t afford to pay the $228,143 average salary of a CISO, but they still want to ensure the security of their systems. To address this, they will contract with a qualified individual, typically for one, three or six months. During this time, the virtual CISO, as they’re known, will audit the company’s security practices and either suggest improvements or create and implement an information security program. If you enjoy applying security best practices in myriad situations, this could be your ultimate gig.

Chief Privacy Officer

Here’s another up and coming occupation that will be required for larger businesses and a good idea for smaller companies. Privacy is becoming a greater concern for Americans across the spectrum, and there will likely be increased federal privacy regulations over the next decade. Some states like California already require corporations to adhere to strict data privacy practices.

A privacy officer is responsible for creating and executing good privacy practices across the organization in accordance with state and federal standards.

The average salary of $85,286 is not yet in the same neighborhood as that of a chief information security officer, but as privacy becomes a larger issue this is likely to quickly enter the six-figure range.



Thanks to modern video calling platforms, remote psychological therapy can now be quite effective. Patients and doctors alike have been pleasantly surprised at how much they’ve been able to accomplish over a remote video connection. While you can’t duplicate the calming environment of a carefully configured office via video, the client’s comfort at home usually enables them to open up to the therapist.

Of course, psychologists typically have a Ph.D. or PsychD and appropriate certifications. But if you’ve been a psychologist at a school or other organization and have found yourself with less of a case load thanks to the pandemic, it might be wise to look into starting your own remote psychology practice. The demand is there and the web is full of anecdotally positive results.


The average salary for an actuary is $91,168, and this increases significantly if you’re working for a large risk management firm or insurance company. If you enjoy assessing risk and trying to predict how much money a company may need to survive some sort of future calamity, this role is for you. And now, you can do your job from wherever you desire.

General Business

Operations Manager

Every medium-to-large business needs an operation manager. They’re the person whose job it is to keep everything up and running smoothly even if the workforce is spread across the country or around the world. The best part about being an operations manager: Everyone from the CEO on down is virtually guaranteed to be nice to you, since you effectively make the world go around.

Creative Director

Every marketing department worth its salt has a creative director. This is the person who ensures that copywriters and graphic artists work together harmoniously to create top-notch marketing collateral. They typically report to the marketing director and earn an average of $88,201 according to PayScale.

The Sky’s The Limit

With pandemic work practices likely to continue for some time, there has never been a better time to jump into the remote workforce. If you don’t have the skill set for any of the above more traditional jobs, here are some of the best remote jobs across the spectrum.