Shia LaBeouf Slammed By Olivia Wilde


Shia LaBeouf Slammed By Olivia Wilde

She called Shia LaBeouf an A-hole.

Shia LaBeouf arrested for assault

Olivia Wilde called Shia LaBeouf an A%$hole, sort of. The actress turned director basically said as much in an interview with Variety where she described the most important lessons that she learned about how to be a director.

This spells yet another nail in the former Transformers movie franchise star’s coffin. A number of year ago he began to implode due to alcohol abuse. At one point LaBeouf was arrested for making a scene at a play in Manhattan where he reportedly was smoking in a public place while drunk.

The actor was eventually dropped from a number of projects, including the hit action movie series Transformers which went on to make numerous blockbusters without him. It got so bad that at one point in 2014 he went out in public with a paper bag over his head which read, “I am not famous anymore.” And just a few weeks after Donald Trump was first inaugurated President of the United States in January, 2017, LaBeouf was arrested for assaulting a Trump supporter while he took part in an anti-Trump demonstration.

The last straw for the actor may have come last December when his former girlfriend FKA Twigs accused him of being abusive during their relationship. She has even filed a law suit over it. Given the current climate of zero tolerance for such behavior by men against women, especially in Hollywood, LaBeouf may very well have gotten fired from the movie even if he had gotten along with Olivia Wilde.

So what happened on the set of “Don’t Worry Darling.”

Here is some background: Last September it was revealed that Shia LaBeouf dropped out of the movie which Wilde is currently making called “Don’t Worry Darling.” Then in December Variety cited a source as saying that the actor had “displayed poor behavior and his style clashed with the cast and crew.” And Olivia Wilde reportedly said of LaBeouf that he was “not an easy guy to work with” and “off-putting.”

So where does the dreaded “A” word fit into all of this? Well any observer out there was able to put two and two together after Olivia Wilde spoke about her personal policies as a director in an interview with director Emerald Fennell in an installment of Variety’s series on Directors.

“Someone, who’s a very established actor and director in this industry, gave me really terrible advice that was helpful, because I just knew I had to do the opposite,” said Wilde. “They said, ‘Listen, the way to get respect on a set, you have to have three arguments a day. Three big arguments that reinstate your power, remind everyone who’s in charge, be the predator.’ That is the opposite of my process. And I want none of that.”

“The no a–holes policy. It puts everybody on the same level,” Wilde said. “I also noticed as an actress for years how the hierarchy of the set separated the actors from the crew in this very strange way that serves no one.”

So Wilde may have never come out and called LaBeouf the “A” word exactly, but you get the idea.

Don’t Worry Darling is described as a psychological thriller centering on an unhappy housewife in the 1950s. It is the second movie directed by the 36 year old Olivia Wilde. She is probably best known for her time playing a young doctor on the hit TV show House.

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