Snacks Maker Kind Bars Selling Out to Mars


Snacks Maker Kind Bars Selling Out to Mars

Mars makes Snickers and Kind Bars makes healthy snack foods.

Daniel Lubetzky from KIND

Kind Bars, a maker of healthy snack foods which was founded by Daniel Lubetzky, is to be sold to the candy maker Mars which produces popular chocolates like Snickers bars and M&Ms. No figure for the acquisition has yet been revealed.

Mars previously bought a stake in the company in 2017, taking over Kind International. It will now also run Kind North America.

Founded in 2004, Kind declares its mission to be to create a kinder and healthier world – one act, one snack at a time. Its products are made from nutritionally-dense ingredients like whole nuts, fruits and whole grains and it promises no secret ingredients and no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.

Photo Courtessy of Kind

This is in stark contrast to Mars Incorporated which sells candies loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients like M&M’s, Snickers, and Twix. But that is exactly the point.

People are more conscious these days about what they put into their bodies. They check ingredients more often and are wary of added sugars and artificial ingredients. So Mars expanding into the healthier snack market makes sense.

KIND Founder and Executive Chairman Daniel Lubetzky will play a key role in the future development and expansion of KIND, helping to maximize the reach and impact of the KIND mission and products

“I am so proud of how well the Mars and KIND teams have complemented and strengthened each other over the past three years,” Lubetzky said. “We are now well positioned to further advance our efforts and continue building a foremost health and wellness platform. As we said in 2017, Mars is a company that shares KIND’s passion for business as a force for good, and I am confident that together, we will be able to make our small contribution to make this world a little kinder.”

Daniel Lubetzky not only started Kind Bars, he is also the founder of OneVoice Movement, a grassroots movement that amplifies the voices of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians to become advocates for a two-state solution, and Empatico, an initiative of The KIND Foundation that offers a free tool for educators to connect classrooms around the world through video and activities that spark curiosity, kindness, and empathy. He is the author of The New York Times bestseller Do the KIND Thing and a Guest Shark on Season 11 of Shark Tank.

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