Starlink service expected to be turned on in Gaza this week – Bloomberg


Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service is expected to be turned on this week in the Gaza Strip, according to a Sunday report from Bloomberg citing a communications ministry official.

However, the service cannot be turned on in the region without Israel’s approval, but the report says that Israel will give its go-ahead fairly soon.

The satellite internet service also agreed not to grant access to humanitarian organizations inside Gaza without the approval of Israel’s defense establishment.

Enhancing the South and the North

The Bloomberg report also states that Israel wants to use Musk’s space manufacturing company to enhance its southern and northern border sides of the country during the ongoing war with Hamas. However, Israeli officials were reportedly concerned when Musk suggested offering the service in Gaza last November.

The report cited an Israeli official saying that the government had fast-tracked plans for the Starlink license.

Elon Musk (credit: REUTERS)

Furthermore, the satellite internet service opened a subsidiary in Israel and in the coming weeks, the company will be able to sell its terminals.