The next trend in your plate is blue food


A new phenomenon has already started to gain momentum is expected to dominate our kitchen: blue food – smoothies, pastries and even your cup of coffee.

Blue food has already been crowned as the next hot trend in the culinary field as part of the fear of excessive amounts of food coloring something that people have been trying to avoid for years.

In the coming year, all that seems likely to change, with the arrival of a new – and even healthy – trend on our plate, according to the New York Times.

Blue is notoriously scarce in the palette of natural foods. Among the foods expected to star this year are new East Asian blue tea, purple sweet potato, blue corn and of course – the well-known spirulina that will provide a unique blue tint.

There are some blue or purple or foods that when cooked change color like purple or red cabbage which turns bluish. Blackberry juice when thinned is bluish.

The trend is already gaining momentum and in a few places, you can find pancakes, smoothies, and even bluish-colored coffee. Still, it is too early to know how the new phenomenon will be accepted.  This will be given on Instagram.

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