4 Reasons Why a Basement Renovation Makes Sense


By Contributing Author 

How long have you lived with a basement that’s barely more than a catchall? Is this arrangement really working for you? Many homeowners find that renovating a basement is good for them in more than one way. Why not choose how your future basement will look like and hire a contractor to take care of the work? Once it’s done, that basement will provide several key benefits. Here are four examples.

You Need Additional Living Space

A growing family needs more living space. The property does not lend itself to adding another room or wing to the present structure. You’ve looked into adding another story to the house, but that’s not really practical either. That leaves doing something with the basement.

The great thing about a basement renovation is that a lot of the basic structural work is already done. You have a ceiling, four walls, and a floor. Sure, there will be changes to the wiring and possibly the plumbing, but the overall expense will be minimal compared to adding a wing to the home. Best of all, you’ll be able to start using that additional living space sooner rather than later.

Finished Basements Improve Property Values

While you have no plans to sell the home any time soon, the day will come when it will go on the market. At that point, having a finished basement will be a strong selling point. The fact that it includes adequate lighting, plumbing, and could be used for several different purposes will certainly catch the eyes of prospective buyers.

For now, you get to enjoy using the basement for whatever purpose that you have in mind. When you sell the house, that additional space will translate into more interest and possibly receiving bids that match or exceed your asking price.

The Finished Space Will Help With Heating and Cooling Costs

You may not be aware of how an unfinished basement can affect the ability to heat and cool the home. Simply put, air seepage from a dank and dark basement will make it into the upper story. Your heating and cooling system will have to work harder to maintain the desired temperature upstairs. Once the basement is finished and maintained at a constant temperature, the unit will not use as much energy.

There’s No Musical Beds to Play if You Have Weekend Company

What currently happens if relatives or friends come to stay for the weekend? Do some of the family members have to double up and free a bedroom for the guests? While it’s nice to have company for a  short time, most people prefer to sleep in their own beds.

By choosing to renovate the basement, you can create a private space for your guests. They can feel free to stay up late if they like without fearing that they could be disturbing their hosts.  The family members get to stay in their own spaces too. This is a win for everyone involved.

Remember that there are details to work out before the renovation gets underway. For example, do you need a building permit?  Work with a local contractor and make sure you have all the documentation in place. Doing so will make it easier to avoid penalties or other issues later on.