The top 10 fitness trends for 2024

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Like everything else, the fitness world is influenced by the latest trends and fashions. Sometimes these are passing fads, and sometimes they are long-lasting trends that bring a new and refreshing change, establishing itself among fitness and health enthusiasts worldwide.

Every year since 2006, the American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM) releases its list of leading trends for the current year. The selection of the top 10 trends is made through a comprehensive survey conducted among thousands of fitness professionals worldwide.

Among the selected experts are, of course, many fitness trainers, but also physiotherapists, dieticians, and other professionals in the field.

These are the top 10 leading trends for 2024 according to the people who breathe fitness every day:

The fitness tracker will measure and track all the necessary data. To run by the sea. (credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

1. Wearable technologies

In first place on the list of trends are wearable technologies. These include the same wristwatches, step trackers, heart rate monitors, and GPS-based distance measuring devices that we have become accustomed to in recent years. All these devices constitute a real billion-dollar market and help us measure, monitor, and guide ourselves in everything related to our fitness. But not only that – they monitor our sleep quality, blood pressure, and even blood sugar levels. And to think that this field is still in its infancy…

2. Physical activity at the workplace

This trend sees people staying active and getting as many steps in as possible. Expect to see more and more organized activities from workplaces that prefer you to be healthy and fit rather than sick and missing work days.

3. Intervention programs for senior citizens

In third place on the list, you can find special intervention programs that cater to the needs of the elderly. Even at the municipal level, you can find programs initiated by the local authorities that encourage senior citizens to engage in activities tailored to them in public spaces. Such programs may include tai chi exercises, flexibility and yoga, resistance training, and osteoporosis exercises.

4. Weight loss programs

This trend is seen as a response to the global obesity epidemic in the form of targeted programs that include nutritional intervention and customized training programs for those dealing with excess weight and obesity. These can be personalized one-on-one programs or group programs similar to those we have seen  to in recent years.

5. Recognizing fitness trainers and getting insurance refunds

A customer who requests that his private insurance company help pay for the expenses of fitness trainers usually doesn’t get what they asked for. A new trend in the world is a change in the policy regarding the recognition and accreditation of fitness trainers. Efforts have also been made in Israel in recent years to anchor the status of fitness trainers in law, which would facilitate receiving refunds from health funds or private insurance companies.

6. Hiring certified fitness professionals

Continuing from the previous trend, there has been an uptick in employment of qualified and experienced fitness trainers in companies that provide fitness services to customers, based on the understanding and acceptance that professional service from a qualified and experienced expert translates into high-quality training.

7. Smartphone fitness training apps

The seventh trend on the list of leading fitness trends is linked with the widespread popularity of using thousands of fitness training apps that can be downloaded to smartphones. These apps provide customized training programs, allow you to share the workouts you perform with other users, and primarily provide accessibility to the world of fitness for those who can’t go to the gym.

8. Mental health training

According to the ACSM, one in eight adults worldwide experiences symptoms related to mental health disorders. Mental health encompasses emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Numerous studies around the world have shown a direct correlation between regular physical activity and improved mental and cognitive abilities.

You can even run in the middle of the desert. Tai Chi training. (credit: Lior naor / Walla)

9. Developing athletic abilities for the youth

Today’s youth are the athletes of the future, and in the ninth trend, we see a focus on developing sports centers and training programs for young athletes, aiming to improve motor skills, enhance self-confidence, improve coordination, and more.

10. Personal fitness training

Ranked as the 10th trend on the list is personal fitness training as a strategy to improve one’s physical abilities worldwide, helping them achieve their own physical goals. The role of a personal fitness trainer has grown over the years. Just as a dietitian can provide us with a balanced menu tailored to our measurements and goals, a personal fitness trainer can also help us reach our personal goals, monitor our body along the way, and instill proper habits towards the change we aspire to.

Yossi Zeevi is a personal fitness trainer and certified sports instructor from the Wingate Institute.