Thousands protested at night, Dozens Block Entrances to Knesset In the Morning


Protesters tie themselves to fences and the entrances to the Knesset were blocked Wednesday morning in an attempt to prevent legislation from going up for a vote today.

Dozens protesting Wednesday morning in Jerusalem against a bill that will allow the government to pass laws without bringing them for parliament vote first as part of the steps to restraint in the spread of COVID-19.

All the entrances to the Knesset blocked by protesters lying on the road, some tied themselves to fences. Police dispersed the crowd shortly after.

This die-in protest comes after thousands protested Tuesday night carrying drums and bullhorns and holding up signs that read “Crime Minister” in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residency.

Wearing masks, the protests marched from Netanyahu’s residence in Balfour Street to Knesset, mounted against him over his handling of a worsening COVID-19 crisis and alleged corruption, demanding his resignation.

Towards midnight, they began blocking off a road and were told to disperse while officers began removing them from the street by force.

Some 34 protesters have been arrested overnight for allegedly disrupting public order and assaulting police officers, according to police.

“Several dozen demonstrators gathered near the Knesset Complex, disrupting vehicular movement and blocking the road,” Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit said Wednesday morning.

“Police forces are currently at the scene and are working on restoring the order and re-opening the roads.”

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