Universal Music Group Launches in Israel: “We Will Introduce Local Cinema to America”


Universal Music Group Launches in Israel: “We Will Introduce Local Cinema to America”

World leader in music-based entertainment launches new creative and commercial hub in Tel Aviv focused on domestic and regional talent, bolstering regional music ecosystem

Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, announced the launch of a new division in Israel, effective immediately.

UMG representatives in Israel, Gideon Tadmor, President of Tadmor Entertainment and oil businessman and CEO Emilio Shankar, promise “an investment that will only grow and grow.”

They say “We are not looking for an elite kind, we are focused on business,” meaning productions that will be filmed in Israel will also be distributed in the US.

Universal Music Israel (UMI) is the first standalone operation to be established in Israel by a major music company and will be based in Tel Aviv. Yoram Mokady appointed Managing Director and he reports directly to Adam Granite, UMG’s EVP, Market Development.

Yoram Mokady served at HOT Telecommunications, a cable-provider, where was Vice-President, Content, and had responsibility for the management of all content activities.

He previously served as both Chairman of Israel’s Council for Cable TV and Satellite Broadcasting and as Executive Director of the Israeli Broadcasting Regulatory Administration.

Mokady holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was also an executive producer on the recent HBO series ‘Euphoria’, starring Zendaya.

Mokady said, we will boost the entire Israeli artist community, whilst strengthening the wider music ecosystem.”  He said UMG will look to identify, sign and develop the best domestic artist talent, whilst working closely with partners, technology companies, and local start-ups to create innovative campaigns and projects to help UMG artists to reach the widest possible audience worldwide.”

UMG’s existing network operates in more than 60 countries worldwide and will help Israeli music talent reach audiences around the world. Since 1994, UMG content has been licensed and distributed locally by Helicon Music. UMI and Helicon will continue to collaborate on future projects.

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