We all make this bathroom mistake – here’s how to avoid it

Science and Health

One scientist revealed the mistake we make when we flush the toilet and the problems it causes. She claimed that one common method of lowering the water in the toilet will prevent the spread of millions of dangerous bacteria throughout the house.

Emma Harding, a molecular virology researcher and PhD candidate at Australia’s University of New South Wales, explained that there are certain spots in the bathroom that we should clean more often. Even before you prepare the sponge and the cleaning agent, there is another way you can help prevent the spread of bacteria – and it’s all related to the above mistake.

Harding claimed that one second before you flush the toilet after defecating, you must lower the lid.

“Particles of fecal residue, many bacteria and more, can escape from the toilet and spread in other places around your house. You don’t need to be a great expert to know what this can cause. I recommend closing the toilet every time you flush the water,” she said.

How can you protect the rest of your home?

Unfortunately, there is no method that is fast and efficient enough for fully sanitizing the bathroom.

In fact, the entire area around the toilet is completely contaminated. The ceramic behind the toilet contains millions of bacteria on its surface, the trash can, the sink and the floor. Imagine that you turn off the water when the toilet lid is lifted and the bacteria fly everywhere and even stick to your clothes with which you continue to walk around the rest of the house. Not nice.

Well, all you have to do is keep the toilet covered when you flush and try to clean the bathroom more often. “Even once a week is good,” concluded Harding.