Cybersecurity Startup Cyberpion Raises $8.25 Million


Cyberpion provides ecosystem security.

Cyberpion angled-ecosystem-swirl

Israel’s Cyberpion, a cybersecurity startup, closed an $8.25 million seed funding round co-led by Team8 Capital and Hyperwise Ventures. The company calls itself an ecosystem security pioneer.

Cyberpion declares that its mission is to defend the “new and vast attack surface” created by online ecosystems.

Its platform enables security teams to identify and neutralize the new threats stemming from vulnerabilities within online assets throughout an enterprise’s far-reaching, hyper connected ecosystem. Cyberpion will use the new capital to boost its sales and marketing efforts, while expanding and accelerating product development of its Ecosystem Security™ platform.

OK. So what do they mean by “ecosystem?” It’s a term usually applied to the environment, not high tech.

Well when we talk about an ecosystem we mean how the different species of animals and plant life all interact with one another in their natural habitats. Bees help pollination, animal eat the plants and higher level animals eat the lower ones.

All form of life in an ecosystem is interconnected and so it is in some way dependent on all the other plants and animals. The actions of any one can affect all of the rest.

The same can be said of anyone or any business today. They all rely on countless partners and third party solutions to enrich online services, improve operations, grow, and serve customers. And then every external firm with which you do business – whether a customer or a service – interacts with countless other people and organizations.

So what does Cyberpion do? Well the company says that internal firewalls are no longer enough to protect your organization. Companies need to be protected from the outside as well since hackers can get inside your firm by way of outside systems with which you interconnect.

Former Global Head of Cloud Security at Check Point, Senior Director at Aqua Security and Director of Enterprise Strategy at Microsoft, Ran Nahmias co-founded Cyberpion. He commented, “Enterprise security risks are no longer constrained to the gates of the organization’s firewall. The threats are analogous to infections caused by the Covid-19 virus.”

“While detecting the virus in your immediate circle of contacts is helpful, the detected level of exposure exponentially grows as you start factoring in people in your second, third and fourth circles of contact. Cyberpion works by detecting threats from all connected third party online solutions, their connections, and the connections of their connections, to systematically identify vulnerabilities and neutralize previously undetectable threats within the vast, highly dynamic online ecosystem.”

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