Did you know about the surprising health benefits of cherries?

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Did you know that besides just being a delicious, sweet fruit, cherries also have several surprising health benefits? In a recent segment of her program on 103FM, Dr. Maya Roseman set out to investigate the health benefits of the beloved fruit.

“Are you looking for a fruit that can improve your mood and help you sleep well?” Roseman questioned at the start of the program, before continuing: “I’ve found just what we need today: cherries. Not only that: cherries are the most suitable fruit if you have diabetes or heart disease.”

Three advantages of cherries that you don’t want to miss

Firstly, she explained, the glycemic index of cherries is the lowest of all fruits. What does this mean? The sugar in them is absorbed the slowest, causing the least insulin stimulation, making this fruit the most suitable for those with a tendency towards diabetes.

Secondly, cherries contain a large amount of polyphenols, which reduce arterial calcification and reduce the risk of heart disease. Yes, these are the same ingredients found in red wine – without the side effects of alcohol.

Cherry trees (credit: INGIMAGE)

The third health benefit shared by Roseman is related to the fact that cherries contain a relatively high amount of tryptophan. 

This is the substance from which serotonin is produced, which improves our mood and helps us sleep better. Studies have found that the benefits of a good night’s sleep are maximized when eating cherries in the evening.

Do different cherries have different health benefits?

Roseman then shared: “I spoke with Ephraim Azov, an organic cherry farmer, and discovered that there are more than 10 varieties of cherry – one is a red variety that tends to black, and another is a white variety.

“There are also sour cherries, which are better suited for jams and vishniak wine. The sour cherries actually contain more nutritional values, as well as more sugar, and the sweet varieties are known as Prunus subg. Cerasus.”

She continued, saying: “I asked about the price, and it turns out that Israel is not an ideal area for cultivation – you need a colder climate in higher altitudes, so in Israel, there is a lower crop, and cultivation is not easy.

Cherries require a lot of manpower for harvesting and packing, making them more expensive. Another problem in Israel is that cherries have a short shelf life – they can only be preserved for a few weeks after being picked, and the season is very short.”

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