First Time New Implant for Glaucoma Used in Israel


Preserflo Microshunt

Preserflo Microshunt implant recipient David Zuckerman – Shaarei Tzedek press release

For the first time in Israel a new and innovative implant for the treatment of glaucoma was implanted in a patient at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

The advanced Preserflo Microshunt implant is expected to reduce the number of complex glaucoma surgeries and eliminate the need to use drops after surgery and can significantly reduce the progression of the disease and prevents blindness.

The Preserflo Microshunt implant has impressive results in achieving control of intraocular pressure and significantly shortening the duration of surgery and recovery time. The innovative implant, similar to a stent support, is made of a polymer that prevents inflammation and scarring. The design of the implant allows for convenient, fast and safe implantation.

The first patient was 70 year old David Zuckerman from Beit El, a father of 8 children with 40 grandchildren. Zuckerman was diagnosed with advanced glaucoma.

Once he heard about the possibility of this treatment he did not hesitate to agree to it. The treatment was success.

“From the moment of the surgery I already felt good. The feeling is now great and I am glad that I was privileged to be the first patient in the country for whom the implant eliminated the need for invasive surgery,” said Zuckerman.

In the past year, the implant has been approved by the regulatory authorities in Europe and Australia and is in regular use.

In Israel, the implants were implanted in a patient this week by Dr. Moti Goldberg, director of the glaucoma service at Shaare Zedek Medical Center. Dr. Goldberg trained in this unique surgery during his work as a senior ophthalmologist in the UK.

Dr. Goldberg said, “Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness in the Western world and its incidence increases with age. This disease is characterized by damage to the optic nerve in a way that cannot always be felt and can lead to irreversible blindness, so this disease is called the ‘silent thief of vision’.”

“The PRESERFLO implant is a tiny 70-micron-diameter tube, designed in a way that allows for a controlled reduction in intraocular pressure and minimizes the risk of hypotension that sometimes occurs in glaucoma surgeries,” added Dr. Goldberg. “Today it is the most advanced implant in the world that provides hope to many patients who need surgery to control intraocular pressure.”